How do You Feel about Money?

All to often I am introduced to someone who has a great idea or a great business but the money they openly declare they deserve never seems to come their way.  Then as I spend quality time with these individuals  I get to see first hand exactly why this is.

Their situation is 100% of the time due to how they relate to money.  Often times these relationships are so terrible that if I were money, I would run away from them too.

For example,  I had a conversation with another financial planner who went on in classic” drunkalog” fashion about just how broke he was, and how he never has enough, and his business is draining him, and how much his clients annoy him, and how if he could just get enough big deal’s things would be OK.

How do you think this guy felt about money? Was it positive and inspiring or toxic and draining?  If you were money would you go running into his arms and beg to be placed in his bank account?  I certainly wouldn’t.

There are several universal laws that govern money and most of them a predicated upon how we think and feel.

According to Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind, one’s Thoughts + Feelings = Demonstration.

What this means is that if you think about a certain thing and have strong emotions or feeling associated with it you will see a manifestation of it in your life.  The bottom line here is that we have all created the financial world that we currently live in.

The amount of money we currently see or don’t see in our life  is the sum total of the thoughts and feelings we have about it.  The good news here is that your financial situation is not a fixed state.  You can always create a new more empowering money situation by upgrading your thoughts and feeling.

Here are a few tips

1.  Be greatful for what you currently have. If you find your self complaining verbally or in your head… stop it and start listing 10 things you are grateful for.

Complaining only makes you believe in  lack and scarcity.  The reality its that we each live in a world of  abundance.  If you don’t think so its because you’ve convinced yourself otherwise. STOP IT…

2. Choose certainty over doubt or fear. You must truly accept that your natural state is abundance,  and that there is  nothing “wrong” or “right”  or “broken” about your situation.  It just is.

Certainty and fear are two side of the same coin. Certianty is belief the the magic of who you naturally brings good things to you, while fear is the belief that magic of who you are will bring about judgement and pain.  Either can be your reality…Choose

3. Live with Integrity. Integrity is not just doing the right thing when no one is looking.  It is about consciously creating the world you desire with your words, then executing a plan to manifest it in the world of form. I have suffered more failures in life due to lack of integrity than any other reason.

I would say I wanted one thing but never take any action to get it or…even worse I would take action, meet an obstacle then quit.  One must become relentless in fullfilling upon his/her word.

If this has been a problem for you in the past.  Start fresh today.  Plan your work then work your plan. If you fail start again, and again, and again… One cannot experience success unless he/she practices success.

4.  Choose a spiritual practice and perform it regularly. This may mean daily walks or meditation.  It may mean 15 minutes of reading a sacred text.  Whatever this is for you, choose your practice and perform it often.  This will help build discipline as well as serve to put your life into perspective while generating a peaceful more accepting mood.

5.  Exercise – This goes without saying ; A motionless body leaves a restless mind.  Your body needs to move a little faster than normal for at least 30 mins 3 times a week  in order to remain healthy.  Again…choose a plan and stick with it.  This is not about weight lose or feeling bad if you miss a day.

Working out is about increasing your energy and stamina so that you may feel good and more easily reach the goals you set for your life. If you tire easily, or if you body is filled with tension and the harmful chemicals created by it,  chances are you’re more likely to give up on your goals than someone who is energized and has trained his or her body to stay the course.  Energy is key here.  He who has the most energy ALWAYS wins.

Thanks to all of You

Amid all the cookouts and beer drinking today; please take a moment of silence to remember the  men and women who have served and who are still in harms way today.

Regardless of how you feel about the war these men and women have put themselves in harms way in the name of our country time and time again.

Lets not forget to  honor them today.

Financial Planning is more than Just Budgeting

It is quite unfortunate but I’m not sure the majority of people understand the purpose of financial planning. 

Today, I spoke with a lady who nearing retirement with very little saved said;  “I don’t need to pay for a financial plan.  I can manage my budget just fine.”  However, if you were a fly on the wall in our conversation, you could have easily seen that she would have greatly benifited from the services a planner years ago.

This really breaks my heart when I see boomers (many of our moms and dads) preparing to retire without a dime or a plan to get one.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am the biggest advocate of getting as much free advice as you can and that’s why I write this blog and will turn you my  readers onto to as much solid content as I can. 

I believe that we are all responsible for our own fianancial destiny and this resposibility should not be left blindly in the hands of a stranger.  However,  I’m also big beliver in paying the experts to do the grunt work when it is require.  

This provides more time for you to do what you’re good at (living your life, refining your vision, and leading your team). 

When it comes to financial planning, I recommend following  2 rules. 

1.  Do what gets you the result you want in the time you specify. 

2.  Know exactly what you want in order to be able to lead a team that will help you fullfill rule #1.

Often times people are not clear about rule 1 or 2.  This is where the planner comes in.  The job for the financial planner is help you define what you want, (e.g. retire by 35,  produce a $20K per month passive income, etc) then  point out and guide you around the obstacles or risk,  that may keep you from getting what you want (tax consequences, death, unfortunate event).

The job of the planner is much more than tossing you into a few mutual funds telling you to balance your checkbook, and making sure you have life insurance.  While these things are important, it is my opinion that consumers are no longer willing to accept sheer commodities peddlers.  They want and deserve results that are worth of them and the planner that produced them. 

A good  financial planner will really know his/her clients, ecourage them to set BHAGs (Big Harry Adacious Goals) and be committed to ensuring they are realized.

Hello All…

Welcome back. I think you guys will really appreciate the information.