Happy Social Media Day Tucson


Today is Social Media Day all around the world and nearly 600 international cities will be hosting social media get-togethers to encourage people to get to know the people they are” friends” with via their social networking sites.

This event is being promoted by Mashable.com and Meetup.com. Mashable is a major blog that provides information to people in the social media community and Meetup.com is a social media site that encourages local groups to “meetup” and get to know each other.

In Tucson, Arizona we will be hosting our first ever social media day meetup at club congress today at 4pm.

This event is sponsored by a number or organizations to include Jobing.com, CTG, Tucson Young Professionals, Xtreme Business International, Tucson Social Media Lab and Chik-fil-A El Con.

There we’ll be lots of prizes and some great networking opportunities. I look forward to seeing you there.

CEO of Xtreme Business International Attends Adult Education Symposium

Michael Tucker sitting with Edwina Hoffman, founder of Summer Symposium for Career and Adult Educators and other leaders; after hours reception

The 16th Annual Sanibel Symposium for Career and Adult Educators started today in Sanibel Florida. 125 Adult educators from across Florida will be in attendance to learn about the latest trends in Adult and Career Education. I will be speaking on behalf of my company Xtreme Business International to discuss how we partnered with community leaders in Arizona in an effort to use social media to raise community awareness and support for adult education as it faced state funding elimination.

My wife Ellen and I just attended a welcome event for new comers to the conference. We meet some amazing people to include: Edwina Hoffman, the founder and Co-chair of the Symposium, Collier County School Board member and Symposium Co-chair Robert Breitbard, Valorie Boyd, the Executive Director of the Adult and Community Education (ACE) of Florida professional association and a number of representatives from publishing companies.

We also learned that most of Florida’s lawmakers believe strongly in Adult Education, have supported heavy investment for the program in the past and the state has experienced positive economic impacts. However, like Arizona, Florida is considering reducing its $300M budget in an effort to balance the state budget. Florida has the 2nd largest Adult Education budget in the U.S.

How Are Your Money Goals Anchored?


Many times we unknowingly set anchorless goals, when it come to setting money goals. Let’s assume that you’ve become a rather sophisticated goal setter and goal getter.

You always make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals, you have an attitude of gratitude, you follow Napoleon Hill’s 6 steps to manifesting desire in “Think and Grow Rich” (pg 28) and you typically get the results you desire. However, when it comes to setting money goals, there seems to be a breakdown.

Maybe you’re even a little frustrated now because you haven’t been able to figure out why other goals are consistently achieved but not goals associated with money.

Well, this was my situation not to long ago. After some recent reflection and review of the money goals I’ve achieved over the years. I noticed that the money goals I’ve achieved all had something in common. They were always linked or anchored to something or some other goal.

What I’ve concluded is that in the case of money goals, when using the SMART goal method, “specific” doesn’t only mean how much money. It also means what do you specifically intend to use the money for.

Will it be used to start or grow your business, buy a new car, take a trip, etc. A quick caution, “paying off debt” as a goal is a poor goal. Why? Your mind can not see an image of no debt. Plus, you’re focusing on the debt which reinforces the “reality” of the existing debt.

It would be better to think about taking a cruise and feeling happy because you’ve achieved the lifestyle you desire…paid for of course by the money you’ve earned.

Being clear about the use of the money you desire creates what I believe to be an anchor in the world of thought. Having this anchor produces a mental picture, increases your belief, and provides the necessary excitement and motivation required to develop a clear plan that when acted upon will deliver your money goal a silver platter. What patterns have you noticed during your experience with the goal achievement process?

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from Sailing


This morning I was thinking about the first time I went sailing. My friend Travis and I decided to hit the waters of Fort Walton Beach, Florida several years ago with his “new,” used sail boat. Travis had been sailing for years and he really understood the water and the wind, and how to maneuver sail boats like a pro.

The greatest lesson Travis taught me about sailing was that you must always “tact” or turn the sails of your vessel in a direction that will allow it to catch the wind. Catching the right wind will assuredly pull your boat in the direction you want to go. Conversely, if you don’t catch the right wind you’ll end up lost, and if you don’t catch a wind at all you’ll end up floating around aimlessly in the middle of the ocean… and the currents will determine your fate.

Oddly enough, the same is true in life. The subconscious mind is like an ocean. It is vast, has no boundaries and is filled with wind currents and jet stream that can take us anywhere we want to go.

The question is…where do you want to go?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide you want to go somewhere (set a goal) it’s as if the sail of your conscious mind finally catches the wind and starts pulling the rest of you in the direction you intended to go? And, isn’t it amazing that the longer you focus your efforts on staying in that jet stream of thought, the faster you seem to move toward your goal?

What if you charted a short course today; Say you set some small goals; like returning all of your e-mails or voice mails, cleaning your car, making 20 sales calls, etc; focus on these goals (i.e tact with the wind) and then watch just how fast you reach your destination.

After doing this a few times during the week take a longer voyage. Choose a longer-term goal, apply the same principles and let me know where you end up and just how fast you got there…Bon Voyage!

Are You Still Looking for “Good” Leads?


Today I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Jake. We were talking about lead generation and making good business contacts in Tucson. As I began to share with him some of the connections I had been making over the last several months, he interrupted me and asked, “Michael, how are you meeting all of these awesome people? What’s your secret to getting in the door?” And without skipping a beat (because, fortunately, I had asked and answered the same question last night during my evening walk), I told him, “there is no door.”

“I meet great business people because I focus on being a great person inside instead of looking to find great people on the outside.” As our conversation progressed, I shared with my friend that the highest caliber of people operate in a heightened mindset or consciousness. If one wants to even transact business with the real movers and shakers of the world, one most literally go to where they are mentally.

This is done by raising one’s level of awareness through concentration and consistent movement towards a worthy goal. The action of visualizing one’s goal creates a sense of emotional calmness and orders one’s thought. Orderly, thoughts produces purposeful action. Purposeful action creates positive feelings, high self-esteem, and causes one to deliver result in life.

Positive feelings backed by results heighten one’s visibility and causes successful people, (i.e. leaders) to take notice. Since leaders have orderly thoughts, high-self-esteem, and consistently deliver results in life, if you become like them who do you think they will want to do business with…You got it. YOU! I think Voltaire says it best in his famous 18th Century work Candid. “Tend your own garden.”