This is My New Social Media Lab Post

We are having a great time talking about blogging in the Tucson social media lab.  I’m actually writing this blog while my lab partner Gary Wagnon from is talking.

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Better Employment Solutions Launches in Tucson


Many of you know that Xtreme Business International provides cause-related marketing services and supports business owners in becoming profitable and making a difference.

However, what you may not know is that Xtreme Business International is also a hub for social entrepreneur leadership training, advocacy, and the development of innovative social enterprises.

Our goal is to launch one new social enterprise each year. This year many of you benefited from our marketing services or participated in our Tucson Social Media Lab, where we provided affordable social media training to more that 300 micro-business owners in Tucson in order to help them more successfully compete with larger firms and the have greater access to local, nationwide and even international markets.

As we cross the half way point in the year, I’m very proud to say that we have co-founded and launched our second social enterprise, The goal of Better Employment Solutions is to provide job seekers with an online personal branding solution that will strengthen their online image and help speed up the job search process.

We will begin hosting training sessions to educate job seekers on how they can use our system to develop an online presence that outshines the competition, proves they are the leader their future employer is looking for, and helps reduce the job search time-frame.

We have already launched in Phoenix with huge success! Our clients absolutely love our concept and we are hosting Employee Branding Events 4 times a day!

Our model consist of a FREE video resume site, world-class social media training, and the search engine optimization needed through our
site to ensure your online brand makes a powerful statement to your future employer.

Best of all, all of our training is FREE because we have corporate sponsors that pay us to provide this service. To learn more visit