R.I.P. FBML, Hello IFrame

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If you haven’t heard already, Facebook is doing away with its existing FBML app on March 10, 2011. This is tomorrow! FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language. The FBML app was available for business pages and was used for page customization (nice graphics, videos, opt-in forms, etc).

The FBML app is now being replaced with an IFrame app or inline Frame. The IFrame is actually throwback technology from the early 90’s but has a little more flexibility than FBML. You can now pull in a page of content that has been designed and hosted on your server. Check out this article on adding an IFrame custom tab specifics on how to adding this app to your business page.

I spent the day looking at several IFrame apps. However, I’ve really had my eye on the Wildfire IFrame app. Wildfire is known for supporting Facebook promotions and contest. This app will be FREE for the next 3 months and will allow you to upload custom images and content to your Facebook Page.

Wildfire is extremely easy to use and will allow people who haven’t “Liked” your page yet to see different content from those who have.

I’m still testing this application out. If you’d like to see what I have so far visit my Facebook page Social Mobile Buzz, Please “Like” my page and leave me a comment about your views on the IFrame or social media in general.