Facebook Ads Manager Gets a Facelift

New Facebook Ad Manager Pic

As of yesterday Facebook updated its Ads Manager interface with new visuals and campaign performance data. The improved metrics and graphs should help advertisers better understand and manage Facebook Ads.

Here is a guide to the new interface Guide to New Facebook Ads Manager

Some of the new Facebook ad campaign metrics include:

Campaign Reach – the number of individual people who saw your ads in this campaign during the date period selected, this is different to impressions which includes people seeing your ad multiple times. The concept is very similar to “Unique Visits” on Google Analytics
Frequency – the average number of times each person saw your campaign ad
Social reach – the people who saw your ad with the names of their friends who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or used your app
Connections – the number of people who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or installed your application within 24 hours of seeing your ad
Clicks – the number of clicks your campaign has received
CTR – the campaign click thru rate
Spent – the amount of money you spent on Facebook ads

The new Facebook audience metrics are:

Targeted – the approximate number of people seeing your ads based on the targeting options you have selected
Reach – the individual number of people who saw your Facebook ads
Social reach – the number of people who saw your Facebook ads because their friends like your page, RSVPed to your event or use your app

There is also a new inline ad management system and a creative library.

New inline ad management
• With the previous interface a lot of time was wasted loading when clicking back and forward to manage individual Facebook ads. Now you can quickly click one of the ad rows in your Ad Manager screen and the ad will drop down allowing you to quickly preview the ad and click-through the various elements of its individual performance without leaving the Ad manager.

New Creative library
• Facebook has created a central database of all your campaign creatives allowing for scalable campaigns and also the re-use of previous ads in your new campaigns. The platform allows you to view all campaigns creatives, by campaign but also those campaigns with no adverts yet created, and you can also search via keywords to quickly find the best ad.

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YouTube Reality Show Wants Your Natural Cure


There are a number of TV shows like ER & House, and even a few reality shows that celebrate the western medical profession and it’s robust pharmaceutical industry…but what happens when two guys get together to create a reality show about natural cures from around the world? Well, no one knows just yet.

However, this is exactly what David Douglas Stuart, a vidographer and Joel Delaney, an acupuncturist are attempting to find out and; they want to know your natural cures. Through YouTube, they are making a request for people to share their natural and/or alternative remedies so that these remedies can be showcased on their new reality show. The show is designed to give a new face to natural or alternative medicine.

It is well known that Tucson, Arizona is the mecca for Alternative and Integrative wellness practices. What has been called alternative by western medical community has been mainstay in Tucson for years. Tucson boasts of having one of the largest Holistic health care practitioner communities in the U.S.

I recently spoke at an Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition event about how Alternative and Integrative health care professionals can use social media tools like Twitter, and Facebook to grow their practices (view the slides). David and Joel are a perfect example of this can be started at a very grassroots level. I don’t personally know these guys but I do know their Australian cousin who actually shared their video on my Facebook page. You don’t get more grassroots than that.

I look forward to seeing how this project will play out. In the meantime If you’d like to share a natural cure that has worked for you make sure you send them an email at bigKamo@gmail.com or Joeldelaney@gmail.com.

If you’re reading this article on Facebook, visit MrMichaeltucker.com to watch the video.

Frank Kearn to Internet Marketers: “Don’t Give a F*ck”

Frank Kearn

Today, I am in San Diego. That is because I spontaneously decided to drive 7 hours to meet
Frank Kearn and several other well recognized names in my industry at the San Diego Internet Marketing Party (Kate Buck, Perry Belcher, Adam Horowitz, Russell Yermel, etc.

OK, so I wasn’t entirely spontaneous, I actually RSVPed online last week but hadn’t fully committed until yesterday morning.

When I woke up, I asked myself…

Is it more important for me to be comfortable and make a few bucks in here in Tucson from one appointment (which the client canceled by the way) or to further pursue my goals of being an industry thought leader by surrounding myself with other successful leaders in my field?

Toss in the 7 hour drive and the 2nd choice was obviously the most unreasonable and so that’s what I went with.

Note: I’ve come to learn that successful people are only successful because they are willing to do the things unsuccessful won’t (not can’t) do. Most of the time this means being unreasonable.

So….back to Frank.

Frank Kearn is arguably the most successful internet marketer on the planet right now.
He is known and respected by Internet Marketers and business leaders across the globe.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Frank’s talk.
However, I must admit I was shocked, inspired and relieved all at the same time.

Frank was given about 20 minutes to speak to a room full of other highly successful internet marketers. I could get how a speaker might get overwhelmed or choked up with a task like this. I mean, What do you say to a room of mostly wealthy 30 somethings about being successful online?

Frank was totally up to the challenge and true to his abrasive form after a few jokes and pleasantries he laid down the gauntlet. Here are the four principles from his talk.

1. Don’t Give a F*ck!

Stop caring so much about what other people say or think about you and your style. And…stop trying to sell your stuff to people who won’t buy it in the first place because they don’t vibe with you and they have too many considerations. Not giving a “F*ck is an attitude that say’s I”m happy with how I am, and I’m going to succeed with our without your money. Are you in or you out?…Either way works for me. This viewpoint is simple, yet profound.

Have you ever met someone who tried to convince you how great their stuff is (Any MLMer’s or Network Marketers in the room? I love you guys but…News Flash…you guys can be the worst and it’s not even your stuff) or do you have friends that care so much about what people think until they never seem to make their own decision? ” Is this you? If so stop. It’s a sign of weakness. In the words of Frank Kearn. Just “don’t give a F*ck”

2. Give a F*ck…about the people buying your stuff.

I know you’re thinking; this is just the opposite of the last principle. That would be True. According to Frank, the people who’s opinion should matter to you the most are the one’s who were cool enough to do business with you. It is these people who you must without fail deliver an amazing value to. Why? because they are cool like you, they took a chance on you and best of all they are paying you.

Can you imagine how it would feel only to deliver awesome products to cool people that liked you and paid you well for it? FYI..this is what business is supposed to be like.

3. Deliver the best product to the marketplace

Franks states that while delivering the best product to the marketplace might require some work upfront, It’s better in the long run. Why? Because people know they can trust you and your work. Happy customers will recommend you to their friends, and they will buy stuff from you as well. As a professional, you become the hunted instead to the hunter.

4. Never apologize for who you are.

If you’re a jerk own it. If you’re cool own it. Charlie Sheen without question operates outside of what society says is acceptable and he has been outspoken about his lifestyle choices for a longtime. However, he has recently become apologetic. While suddenly becoming apologetic may (or may not) help him get his show back, by being apologetic for who he is gives others power over him because he is agreeing that what they think about him is more important than what he thinks of himself. According to Frank you should never be apologetic for who you are.

So which of these principles did you like the most? What would you add? Let me know. Visit me on MrMichaelTucker.com

The “Jack of All Trades” Company is Completely Useless

While I have been fortunate not to have to listen to start-up pitches from guys like this, I’ve certainly had my share of conversations from potential venders that wanted me to use their “Suite of Services.” “We can do it all is what they always say.” However, I’m not even sure how guys like this even manage to tie their shoes in the morning because they never seem to focus on one thing.

My advice…Steer clear of “entrepreneurs” and venders that sound and look like this. Companies with a “Jack of All trades” mentality are completely useless because no one can understand or keep up with what they are doing.

If this is what your start-up looks like. Get help. This is annoying and not to mention unprofitable. Choose ONE concept, build a brand that we can believe in, and FOCUS….Follow One Course Until Successful.

If you’re serious about creating clarity and building a social brand that matters visit SocialMobileBuzz.com

Happy 5th Anniversary Regional Transportation Authority


For nearly 6 months, I have worked as a Social Media Marketing Consultant for the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) “MainStreet” program. However, while I’m embarrassed to admit it, I didn’t know a great deal about the history of the RTA until yesterday when I attended the 5 year Anniversary celebration at the Tucson Convention Center.

The RTA is responsible for bus service and road construction in the cities and towns of Southern Arizona. Over the last 5 years they have completed more than 400 road construction projects on schedule, employed hundreds if not thousands of southern Arizonans and wield a $2B budget.

“MainStreet” is it a critical program within the RTA. It was actually started to help small business owners in the path of construction survive and even thrive before, during and after construction. This a publicly funded program, is at no cost to business owners (except for the tax dollar they pay) and has a near 98% satisfaction rating from the business owners that take advantage the business, financial, marketing and management consulting services offered.

The most fascinating thing I learned at the Anniversary celebration was that the RTA was started by a small group of citizens that were concerned about the growth and economic development of Southern Arizona. It’s funny how small groups always seem to create the biggest results. Happy 5 year Anniversary RTA and thanks for all you do.

Mobile App helps Homeowners Reduce Power Consumption


Mobile Apps have drastically changed the way we live our lives. It would be fair to say that many of these apps today are what the lever or the wheel was to the caveman. One of the most innovative apps I’ve come across recently is the The iPhone MeterRead app by Zerogate.com.

This app allows you to snyc your power meter with the app. It records energy use, estimates monthly consumption and allows you to track how making little adjustments can save energy, and decrease your bill. The idea is that what is measured improves. In this case, it’s the reduction in energy consumption. This app allows you to reduce your carbon foot print and save some cash.

While I recently found out about this app it’s been around for almost 3 years now. I would love to see Zerogate add some social media features to it. What if you could have an energy saving contest with your friends or your entire neighborhood by auto tweeting or posting every time you read your meter? Or what if the app could text you when you reach a predefined energy KWh threshold? This would allow you to know that it’s time to turn off a few appliances. My assessment. Great app. Lots of opportunity for growth.

Do you have a Favorite Emergency Phone Book?

Phone books

I know this is a strange topic coming from an online marketer but give me a second here. This weekend I was unable to access the internet for some reason.  I couldn’t seem to find an old billing statement to contact my internet provider so I began to franticly search for a phone book.

That’s right.  I’m a young 30 something and I’m looking for a phone book at 7am like I’m Indiana Jones looking for the Lost Ark.

As I was looking, I realized that I had tossed all of my phone books out when cleaning my office a few weeks ago.  Luckily, the internet decided to work again and a catastrophe was avoided…but what if I couldn’t get the internet going again?

This really made me think.  Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to keep a phone book around for emergencies.  But which one should I keep.  Every year it seems as if 4 or 5 directory services deliver phone books to my door.

How do I know which is best? Dex seems to have the most commercials in my area. I didn’t even know Verizon provides phones service in Tucson but they seem to have a phone book.  Then there’s the Yellowbook and the Yellow Pages…How does one decided?  Do you have a favorite emergency phone book?  If so what it?