Too Much Texting could Spell “Bad Business Relationships”


I love social media, email, text messaging and all of the latest communication innovations. However, I am also a huge fan of communication itself. I was recently working with a partner company that decided that the leadership and growth direction of our companies were no longer compatible. No problem here. Businesses change direction and strategy all the time. However, instead of discussing this over a cup of coffee or a phone call like professionals of old, we ended up parting ways via a series of voicemails and text messages.

Of course this was not my preference. However, it is what happened.

Why do I share this story?

Often, as busy professionals we look for speed when communicating with employees, customers, and business associates – many times, at the expense of maintaining a quality relationship.

What we may not realize is that the method of communication we choose says a lot about our level of professionalism and how much we value the relationship of the person we are communicating with.

It is critical for business leaders to choose the communication platform that best suits the priority of the message being communicated.

If you or a friend have ever been dumped by a girlfriend or boyfriend via Facebook or a text message without experiencing being “fully heard” or “closure” I think you get the picture.

Scheduling a lunch meeting via a text is fine because the impact of miscommunication is minimal. However, making a strategic business decision or communicating information that could be easily misunderstood or complicated warrants a face-to-face or voice conversation.

Choosing the right form of communication is just as important as the message communicated. Getting this right can make all the difference when it comes maintaining healthy business relationship.

Responsible Business Leaders take Vacations

Michael & Ellen Sailing in Mazatlan

It is important for business leaders to work hard and play hard. I’ve spent the last week in Mazatlan, Mexico with my wife. This was a great opportunity for us to nurture our relationship by spending time with each other and relaxing. I even learned a few things about how business is done in Mexico.

For years, as a business owner, I burned the candle at both ends and rarely took
time away from my business. My rational was that if I was away having fun I was being neglectful and spending money that I could be using to grow my business.

In recent years I’ve concluded that this was faulty thinking and is based on scarcity and lack mentality. And, guess what…this mindset was showing up for me every time I talked to a prospect and he or she “just didn’t have the money or couldn’t afford to invest in my services”…even though they were clear that it was exactly what they needed to achieve their goals.

Life always has a way of reminding us of who we’re being in the moment. Stopping to listen has changed everything for me.

This year I’ve taken 3 holidays and each one has done wonders for
my mindset and ability to be creative. I’ve even meet some great contacts on my trips that have translated into business.

Side note – when you take a holiday make sure you you go for the right reason… fun. Acquiring a new client is just a bonus. The possibility of meeting a new client should not be used to mentally justify your trip. When you do this you do not truly disconnect and are still mentally living in the land of scarcity.

What I’ve concluded is that when one is clear about his goals and has taken decisive action toward them no vacation on earth can keep the universe from delivering.

So get out, see the world, and love life. Your business depends on it.

NBA Star, Walter “Mr Accountability” Bond, Speaks to Tucson Business Leaders


Walter Bond spoke to business leaders at the June 2011 Business Clubs of America signature breakfast in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Bond’s talk was uplifting, inspiring, and incredibly funny.

Mr. Bond explained that in order to create results in business, leaders must distinguish themselves by looking like success, being the best in the world at their craft, creating results for clients and giving up common conversations of fear and lack.

Walter also stressed the importance of confidence, “connecting” vs. communicating and exchanging “pity-parties” for results.

Winners Vs. Champions


Winners and Champions are two different animals.

Winner’s happen to win because they have developed a skill or talent that allows them to achieve a certain outcome. These individuals may be great people but just because they win doesn’t mean they are a champion.

How many times have you seen a professional athlete that claim’s he or she is not a role model. Even if this athlete were to win a championship ring for each finger, to me, he/she would not be a champion. Why? Because being a champion is an inside out job. It’s about who you are and how you choose to live your life.

Champions are Champions because they not only choose to master a craft or profession but because they have chosen to use that profession on craft as a tool to help them master life.

A champion’s entire life revolves around this goal of mastery. They do not give up, they don’t quit and most importantly they keep their commitments to themselves and others.

Champions visualize their goals daily and consistently do the work that others are unwilling to do or are only willing to do some of the time.

Champions are the highest caliber of leaders. Their very presence inspires other to greatness. Who is your greatest champion? How can you use your family, career, or business as a tool to harness the champion within.

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mrmichaeltucker is expanding to YouTube. Not only will you be able to find out about my latest discoveries in life, marketing, business, & social entrepreneurship, you can watch me and other guest talk about them on YouTube.

Brand Yourself Across the Web with Google’s +1 Button


The Google +1 Feature is a simple but powerful tool. It can be used to brand you or your firm across the web.

Similar to the Facebook “Like” feature, according to Google, the +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” You simply click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

The great thing about +1 is all you have to do is click it. If your company or brand is identified as your Google profile, you can literally brand your firm across the web…Very exciting! However, with great privilege comes great responsibility so click or +1 wisely.

Is Your Thinking Contributing to Your Success or Demise?


The world does not make allowances for what we perceive to be negative past experiences.

We should not expect people to feel sorry for us or give us a “break” because we had a rough childhood, because we were poor, because we were ignorant, because our parents were not there, because we were homeless, because we didn’t feel love growing up, because we failed multiples times in business, because we went bankrupt, because we have several kids that need food, because the economy is “bad,” and we have no work.

These matters, whether we agree or not, are indeed neutral and it is only the story’s we tell ourselves and the emotions we choose to have about them that give them power. Life or the universe is neutral. It only gives us more of what we focus our attention on, worry about, complain about, argue with our spouse about or what we give thanks for, express gratitude for, and share with others.

We are not sentenced by the position of stars, by our limited view of God or our DNA. Instead we are held to account for our thinking and our own internal dialog about life. Our thinking, supportive or unsupportive, determines our success in business and in life.

What are you thinking this very moment? Is it contributing to your Success or your Demise? Is it moving you closer to your goals? If not, what are the emotions or fears keeping that thought in place? When would now be a good time to give up what we believe to be true about these fears in order to gain the life you desire. Brings Business Experts and Social Enterprises Together

Catchafire logo

As the leader of a Social media and mobile marketing company, I am often asked to volunteer for certain projects. Some of these projects are exciting and others, shall we say just aren’t. I recently discovered a new website called that allows me to choose the volunteer projects I want to be involved in. This is awesome because I have the opportunity to choose what inspires me and I have the chance to work nationally on non-profit or social entrepreneurial projects that matter.

Additionally, since it looks like my business may be in need of a tax deduction this year, this site tracks the monetary value of the hours I donate so I can make them available to my accountant during tax season.

Best of all gives social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders the opportunity to receive professional help from committed professionals on their projects. What a great way to make a difference.

Update: Received and email for today stating that they are primarily looking for volunteers in New York and I would have to email them about specific projects if I wanted to volunteer. Also, after sharing with a friend she introduced me to a similar site called I’ll check these guys out and keep everyone posted.