Setting Goals and Measuring Success with Social Media


I often meet with clients that want to set up a Facebook or Twitter account. When I ask them how they plan to use it they usually have no clue or jokingly say, “I just want to get more business or sale more products.” While this may be a statement spoken in truth. It warrants further discussion.

While there is an economic value to social media, without clearly defined goals it is difficult to measure one’s success. Here are few goals businesses often have for their social media plan.

• Brand awareness
• Lead generation
• Community building
• Customer service
• Employee Recruiting

When it comes to measuring the accomplishment of these goals you may want to consider measuring milestones that indicate success. There are a number of variables that can be measure. For example. If you wanted to measure brand awareness here are just a few metrics you may want to monitor.

• Number Facebook Page or Ad impressions and “Likes”
• Number of Facebook post shared
• Number of Facebook comments
• Number of mentions regarding your brand across the web
• Number of Daily Website & Blog visits
• Number of Blog comments
• Retweets with link to blog article
• Number of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, reviews

The great thing about social media marketing is unlike many other form of marketing, it can be tracked an measured in real-time. Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Google Alerts are great tools to start with. Best of all they are free. As you advance in your social media marketing you may want to consider using paid tools to measure your performance.