Does Your Story Include the Life of You Really Want?


Last week I mentioned that I was reading the book “Trance of Scarcity” and I was sharing my thoughts on  Marketing Beyond the Trance of Scarcity.  This week our guest blogger, success expert, coach, author and speaker Lynden Kidd will be sharing with us her view on  the chapter in “Trance of Scarcity” about ‘stories’ and how they impact our ability to create the results we deserve in life.

We all have a story about ourselves. It usually starts mundanely with; ‘I was born on (fill in the blank date) in (fill in the blank location).’ We also love to tell stories about everything around us. Additionally, we learn powerfully from them too.  So, then it seems logical that we’d be empowered by our stories; that they would be informative, uplifting and renewing and that we would tell good ones, rich, juicy benevolent ones about ourselves and each other. NOT. Have you seen the headlines?  Have you heard about the US economy; about the European one?  What about your own story?  There isn’t much of a silver lining in anything in the headlines and many of us have chosen really awful personal stories.

With bad news all around us; how do we avoid the instinct to simply hunker down and to wait out this economic winter hoping that spring will arrive before we perish or run out of cash, investments and patience?  Answer: we live intentionally.

Each of us is in control of how we respond to the events that happen in our lives, and we craft what happens to us from adolescence through all of our adult years.

Living a life on purpose or a life of intention is very different than trying to get our personal and professional circumstances to behave. Intentional living means living out loud and in a way that aligns us with what really works – being confident, being resilient and exultingly achieving success in our lives and our work.

So, how do we do this you might ask?   The most successful among us examine our stories and lives for “limiting” beliefs.  We intentionally reviewing what is serving us and what isn’t any more.  We focus on the stories and beliefs that serve us and discard all others.

The objective is to transform into a version of yourself that has a story that is worth telling.

Bottom line, intentionality means consciously choosing to write and live a better story. instead of just  bumping along like a leaf in a stream.  Here’s to great stories!

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