5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics from Tucson’s 4th Ave Street Fair


In Tucson, the annual  4th Avenue street fair is a huge event.  This fair attracts 300,000 people each year and is the talk of the town locally.  Nationally, it ranks as one of Americas top 100 events.  Today, I had the opportunity to speak with the marketing director for the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) Kurt Tallis about sponsorship opportunities for venders and local businesses during the event.  I was thoroughly impressed with his creativity and soon learned that  Kurt once owned  a store on 4th Avenue for 15 years and is a relentless guerrilla marketer.  His creativity comes from a true passion to see businesses on 4th Avenue succeed.

Here are 5 innovative guerrilla marketing tactics Kurt and his team uses to market to attendees at the 4th Avenue street fair. You can use these tactics at your next event.

  • Large slip-proof sign stickers on the asphalt with advertising
  • Porta Potties wrapped in sponsor ads and Ads in inside Porta Potties with text marketing campagins
  • Carrier specific Text Message marketing campaigns
  • Microsoft tags. Similar to QR codes, these images can be printed on signs and scanned with mobile phones.  User contact information is captured and tracked by the marketing team.
  • Any type of giveaway that has a sick and must be carried by hand.

What is the most guerrilla marketing Idea you’ve ever seen at an event?  Let me know.

Michael Tucker is the founder and CEO of Xtreme Business International, a social media and mobile marketing company.  He may be reached at 520-327-0168.

The Best Way for an Intern to get Fired in Vegas!

This is not an actual image of the people involved in this blog.

This is not an actual image of the people involved in this blog.

As a business owner, I’ve had a great experience with interns. However some intern situations don’t quite work out. Here is a great example of what not to do as an Intern if your Boss lets you go to Las Vegas with the company…AND an example of why the Boss may not have even allowed you to go in the first place.

Based on a true story. The names have been left out to protect the ignorant.

Boss: Our company is going to Las Vegas to participate in our industry tradeshow. I’ll be gone for a few days can you handle the office?

Intern: I’m sure I could, but wouldn’t it be great if we could go to Vegas together? I could really learn a lot by attending the industry training sessions.

Boss: It’s not in the budget…but I suppose if you really want to go you’ll need to pay your own way and attend all the sessions. The information you’ll learn will really help us grow the business. More money for the company means more money for you.

Boss: That night while lying in bed…You know, This could really be a good thing. My last intern really help take our company to new heights. Boss goes to sleep and dreams of $$$$’s

Boss and Intern meet up in Las Vegas….

Boss: Both of our sessions start at the same tomorrow. Let me know what you learn in your session so we can share notes.

Intern: That would be great! Can’t wait to start learning about our industry!

The Next Day after the first session….

Boss: So how was your session?

Intern: We’ll I kinda didn’t make it I lost track of time, My long lost friend from Vegas and I went shopping, and everything slipped my mind. I’m so sorry.

Boss: Got it…You do know this is a business trip right? Make sure you show up for the session later this afternoon and the industry mixer tonight. There are going to be some big hitters there and I want us to stand out. In fact, why do you wear your company shirt.

Intern: You have my word I’ll be at both events…shirt and all.

Boss: Thank you…see you tonight.

Later than night after the industry mixer ends and everyone is leaving the Boss runs into the intern on the way out the door. The intern, here boyfriend and longtime girl friend show up totally wasted….

Intern (Wearing company shirt): Oh my Gosh! There you are…I was looking all over for you. That was a great mixer…right?

Boss: Yes…it was great; too bad I never saw you inside. What’s going on? You gave me your word that you would be here. Where were you?

Intern: Looking surprised…We’ll my boyfriend and our friends kinda got lost shopping and seeing Vegas again. I’m really sorry…but there really is a lot of stuff to see here.

Boss: Did you at least go to the session earlier today.

Intern: Kinda…No

Interns Boyfriend: Hey why don’t you layoff Boss Man, This is our vacation. Besides I’m paying for this trip anyway.

Boss: I don’t care who’s paying for the trip. Your girlfriend gave me her word. If she wanted to just come hangout and not attend the session that would have been fine. However, she wasn’t honest with me and was just lying to my face….Why am I taking to you anyway. This isn’t your business.

Intern: Crying….sniff, sniff. I’m really sorry I didn’t show up. I just lost track, there is so much going on in Vegas. It’s a lot harder to focus than I thought in Las Vegas.

Boss: Tell you what, since you’ve had such problems show up this weekend, How about you don’t show up Monday either.

Boss walks off angry…

True story…

What are your thoughts about this story? Please share. Do you have a crazy intern or employee story? I’d love to hear that one also.

Why 2011 with be a Great Year for Business Owners

business graph increasing profits

There are a number of signs pointing the way to a great 2011. While I don’t claim to be an economist many of the business owners I’ve talked to recently have begun to regain hope in the fact that our economy is turning around as they see customer begin to return.

Moreover, the “micro-economy” of my social media marketing firm has begun to see positive growth. This mean business owners are starting to realize that they can not remain afraid in their shells if they ever hope to start turning a profit.
Here are few additional indicators that support by belief that 2011 is shaping up to be a great year.

The Labor Department said Friday, January 7, 2010, that our economy added 103,000 jobs in December, dropping the unemployment rate 0.4 percentage to its lowest level in 19 months.(9.4%). While job growth is still somewhat sluggish, the way I see it, it’s better than were we were a few months ago so I very grateful.

Additionally, the Recovery Act will provide tax cuts for more than 110 million people. The Small Business Jobs Act will put much-needed capital in the hands of entrepreneurs and the HIRE Act offers new incentives for companies to hire Americans who lost their jobs because of the recession.

How and Why You Should Market Your YouTube Videos


Do you enjoy uploading videos that you made to the YouTube website?  If so, you may be pleased with all of the traffic that you get.  YouTube is known to get thousands of visitors a day.  For you, this means that your YouTube videos may be watched by thousands of people or more!  As much traffic as YouTube brings you and your videos, you may be looking for more.  If you are, you will want to examine other ways to market your YouTube videos.  Just a few of the many marketing approaches that you can take are outlined below.

Perhaps, the easiest way to market your YouTube videos is to let friends, family members, or coworkers know that you have videos available for viewing on YouTube.  For the best chance of success, you are advised to email the direct links for your YouTube videos to those that you know.  If you just happen to mention having your videos on YouTube to a friend in passing, let them know what your videos are about or what your YouTube screen name is.  YouTube allows site visitors to browse through all of their videos or search for something in particular, like one of your videos.

Another one of the many ways that you can market your YouTube video is by having any of your videos appear on any websites or blogs that you have.  What is nice about YouTube is that you can easily get a few HTML codes.  Those codes will enable you or any other internet users to post a YouTube video online.  It is not uncommon for bloggers to insert a YouTube video in their blog, by using generated HTML codes.  It is advised that you post your own YouTube videos on your own websites, but if you know of anyone else who has a blog, you may want to think about giving them the needed HTML codes to have your YouTube video appear on their blog.  In most cases, you will find that even strangers are willing to do so, as long as your YouTube video is connected, in one way or another, to their blog or website.

You can also market your YouTube videos on online message boards.  Online message board marketing can be done two different ways.  For instance, there are a large number of online message boards that let you discuss of share anything, in general, with other board members. You may want to think about posting links to some of your YouTube videos, especially if you think the other members would enjoy watching them.  If you belong to an online message board or forum that allows you to have a signature, you will want to look into doing so.  Your signature will always appear at the end of each of your messages; therefore, the more active you are online, the more exposure your YouTube videos are likely to get.

Now that you know a few ways that you can go about marketing your YouTube videos to other internet users, you may be wondering exactly why you should.  As it was mentioned above, YouTube, alone, is likely to generate thousands of viewers for your videos.  If you are looking for more views, whether just to increase your online popularity or to help you get new clients, if you connect your YouTube videos to your business somehow, you will want to take the time to market your YouTube videos.  What is nice is that you have a number of different methods available, including the three mentioned above, and most are free.  In fact, marketing your YouTube videos to other internet users isn’t only free, but it is easy to.  Many marketing tactics will only take up a few minutes of your time, if even that.

The decision as to whether or not you want further market your YouTube videos is yours to make. If you find yourself unsatisfied or unhappy with your current YouTube viewer ship, you may want to think about doing a little bit of your own marketing.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/link-popularity-articles/how-and-why-you-should-market-your-youtube-videos-886462.html#ixzz0peSdBbbH
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Create presence through Social Media Optimization


Websites try to increase their popularity through all possible means and this includes social media optimization also. Social media sites are catching-up very fast. Most net-users are connecting to their account daily, while some even twice or thrice a day.

Users are interested in the applications, games, social events, activities and so on. So Companies are organizing these activities in respect to customer demand to create awareness and remind the people of their presence, constantly. Social media optimization popularizes website through:

Links: Creating links is the first and foremost priority for websites. There are many sites which do not pay much attention for their promotion. To increase the presence of the website; SEO needs to increase the link-ability of content. SEO Services Company adds blogs, creates white papers, and introduces thought pieces and simply aggregate content into useful information. All these activities create links with other websites and convert the dormant site active.

Tagging and Bookmarking: Constructing sure pages including a list of relevant tags. This also includes suggested notes for links – which come-up automatically when pages are tagged. It is essential to tag the pages and not just the home page to become popular on social bookmarking sites.

Inbound links rewards: Blogs are important linking factor to score inbound links. Blogs create links to increase the search result ranking and make the website more popular. The blogs are linked directly to the website and the readers can connect to you instantly.

Content travels faster: Social media optimization is not just creating the content. It means making dynamic changes which travel faster by submitting them to relevant sites. This content travels fast and ultimately drives back to your site.

Encourage mach-up: Let the other person use the content especially from YouTube, etc. It is beneficial to syndicate content through RSS. It makes it easy to create mash-ups to drive traffic and augment content, specifically for you.

Social media optimization is very actively used medium to introduce you in a very subtle manner. Websites can create interest in people and also inform search engines about their networking through their activities and links. Both these factors mark websites into higher ranking in search engines.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/create-presence-through-social-media-optimization-2460527.html#ixzz0peUzIQ8C
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How To Make A Business Fan Page On Facebook


Making a fan page on facebook is a simple process. Fan pages can be used for business and pleasure; make a fan page for fun or as a marketing tool for your business. Fan Pages are often referred to as Business Pages.

To create a Facebook fan page you must first have a Facebook profile and be logged in. Information regarding your page should also be to hand – content, images etc.

Think about the title for your fan page – this is very important as Facebook will NOT let you change it. Take your time and pick your title carefully as this is what people will see when searching for your page and it is also what Facebook uses when searching for your fan page.

An eye-catching image is a must. This will draw users to your fan page. I feel a square image is best as Facebook will frame your image and crop it into a square icon. It is this square icon that will show in the news stream.

Now you are ready to create your fan page. Click on the link “Ads and Pages” link on the left side of your home page and then on the “Create Page”. Select the category of the page and the title you thought of earlier –  I would advise on clicking the “Do not make Page publicly visible at this time.” until you get your page looking just the way you want.

This is your page created. Editing the information is very similar to your normal facebook profile. Make sure you add your image and information about your page before you publish and start promoting. No one will become a fan of a fan page that is empty!

Customizing your fan page design is more complex and requires FBML & HTML knowledge however it is worth considering if you are serious about getting your brand image across!

Now invite all your friends to become fans – all of them (the more fans the better!)

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/how-to-make-a-business-fan-page-on-facebook-2086290.html#ixzz0peTjEBNi
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Original Picture Source:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/djwaldow/4702356726/

How to Create A Facebook Event Page For Your Business


Step -1: Getting Started

Log in to the Facebook program home page with the email address and password that you registered with.  If your Company has created a Fan-Page on Facebook, make sure your event is created from that page.  To do so, go directly to that specific Fan Page and follow the next steps.  You can also add the event page to your personal profile.

Step -2: Locating Event Page Access

Select “My Events” from the facebook navigation menu. If you do not see the tab labeled “My Events” on your main page navigation, look for the tab that has a “+” symbol.  That should take you to a page listing all the events you are currently hosting and or planning to attend.

Step -3: Creating an Event

Select the “Create Event” button and proceed to Step-4 below.

Step -4: Inputting Specific Event Details

An event details page should appear, complete all the details about the event, include the time and place. You can always edit these later, but try to get as much detail in as you can initially.

Step -5: Setting level of access for your event

Choose from one of there main levels of access for each event.  It is Open, Closed and Secret.  Choose the level of access to your event that best suits your goals. If the event is open, anyone can see the details and add himself or herself to the guest list. If the event is closed, only the time and description is shown to uninvited guests. Facebook users can request to be added to the guest list for complete event info. A secret event will not appear in search results and will only be viewable by those people you invite.

Step-6 : Publishing Your  Event

Click “Create Event” to complete your event details.

Step -7 : Personalizing Your Event Page

You can upload photos, videos and relevant links that relate to your company’s event. Select the media asset you want to add to personalize the event page.  Use the browse feature to find a photo on your hard drive to upload. . After you have added specific media to your event page, its time to think about promoting your page.

Step -8 : Promote THE Event Page

The easiest and most effective way to promote your page is to Invite potential guests. Select your friends on Facebook and other users from your email database to invite to your event. You can even send emails to people not on Facebook just by selecting the option to import contacts from your email program.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/stepbystep-instructions-for-creating-a-facebook-event-page-for-your-business-1920255.html#ixzz0peUPYt47
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How to Rank High on Youtube



YouTube Traffic Made Easy

Did you know that youtube.com is ranked number 3 on the entire internet as one of the most popular sites in the world according to Alexa.com.

I’m sure you knew that. Check out these statistics:

Total number of YouTube videos = over 120,000,000

  • Number of videos uploaded per day = about 200,000
  • Time required to see all the videos = over 600 years
  • Number of videos watched daily = over 100,000,000
  • Amount of content uploaded every minute = 13 hours
  • Number of accounts on YouTube = over 300,000,000

Obviously this is the best place to drive traffic to your website or become popular online but competition is tough and get your videos to be seen by people becomes more difficult by the minute.

So, today you I will share some of my tricks that I personally use to get more views, ratings and subscribers into your YouTube account.

Page 1 of YouTube Traffic Made Easy

YouTube is kind of like Google, people search for something and expect to get results (in this case videos) related to the keywords they used.

Well lets say you wanted to post a video about “How to make a blog” if you go on YouTube now and type that exact same thing about 85,000 results will show but of course most people only look at the first page, your goal is to be on that first page and this is how to do it.

SECRET TIP #1: Every time you’re going to upload a new video search for keywords related to the content of the video you’re going to upload, the video with most views will pop up on the first page so before you upload your video, click on the first video of the first page and see their video info. You must copy their tags only not their description. The purpose of this is to get your video to be in their related videos even though yours is new giving you a bigger chance of exposure.

NOTE: If your video has a lot of views it will instantly dominate the keyword your aiming making you number 1 on the first page, and even if it doesn’t have a lot of views it is still possible to be on the first page just by copying the tags of the most popular video.

Increase Your YouTube Views

Some people try to cheat YouTube to try to get more exposure for their videos using Auto-refreshers and software’s like Tubeincreaser to give fake views to their videos. I believe this is unnecessary because the whole point of uploading videos is for people to see them.

But, if you still feel the need to do it, you can do it with YouTube simple.

SECRET TIP #2: After you have uploaded your video go to My Videos> AudioSwap and click on “I’m feeling lucky” as many times as you feel like it, this action will reload your video again, and again with different songs in seconds, giving you instant views every time you reload, once you get the views you want simply exit and don’t save your changes, since your doing it within YouTube, your views will not be frozen once they hit a certain amount, but if you use software like tube-increaser there is a chance your views will get frozen.

AUDIOSWAP: allows you to replace the background sound of your music with music provided by YouTube.

Getting Subscriptions, Comments & Ratings on YOUTUBE

Subscriptions in YouTube are the main topic, people like having subscribers which is the equivalent to followers on Twitter. Now I will share some tips that will help you gain subscribers in YouTube.

Offer something free to share with viewers, or give something free to viewers for example an e-book or share something someone might enjoy usually giving freebies can help you gain subscribers

  • Upload videos every month constant activity and videos in your channel will gain you subscribers, there is more chances of getting subscribers if you have five videos than someone that has 1
  • Subscribe to other people’s channels sometimes they will sub back
  • Comment, rate and complement videos as well as channels that you like some users will appreciate it and subscribe in return
  • Also add as many friends as you can, not only will make you popular but your videos will get viewed more.

YouTube & Google

Since YouTube is owned by Google, your videos can sometime show as results in Google, the more views you have the more traffic your going to get and the more popular your channel will be.

One more tip when uploading a video, make sure your video title always is clear and related to the content of the video, when a user makes a search on YouTube or Google they look for titles related to the keywords.

If your title is “How to make a blog” and a user types that same keywords then most likely your video will show as first result, numbers and symbols might not be helpful to better rankings in YouTube or Google.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/how-to-rank-high-on-youtube-1288548.html#ixzz0peTCbMcx
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Original Picture Source:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/banky177/4157325380/

Top 10 Twitter Apps to Monetize your Twitter Profile


Twitter is most common used social networking website in 2009. Most of the business owners and celebrities are using twitter now a day. Twitter is giving you power of communication in just using 140 characters.

Today I’m going to share most useful 10 twitter applications for monetizing your twitter profiles. With the help of this application you can boost productivity of twitter profile like auto-mization of tweet, sending a automated DM to your new followers etc. Following are the Twitter applications:

Twitter Feed – Twitter Feed is specially designed for blogs whom are releasing their information via RSS or Atom Feed. You can also manage several Rss Feeds to automatize your twitter account and it is also giving facility to post a new post at specified services at regular interval.

Tweet Deck – This desktop app helps you to update your twitter status and other social networking website like face book, My Space and Linked In. You can manage several twitter accounts easily.

Twilert – Twilert provides you with the email updates of tweets containing the product, service and about any keyword you like.

Social Oomph – Social Oomph is a twitter app which allows you automization of your twitter account. It allows you to send a welcome DM to your new followers. You can also schedule a tweet and track your keywords with Social Oomph.

Twitter Holic – This app tell about your static like followers, friends and Top among any other twitter user in particular region.

Tweet this – This application gives you easy to share link option with your friends and followers. You can also find new followers.

Twit Pic – Twit Pic is easy to use application for sharing pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API.

Twitter Grader – This application show power of your twitter profile. It looks on variety of factors like number of followers, power of those followers and the level to which you are engaging the community.

Mr. Tweet – This app shows best news and conversations of yours for engaging with the people.

Friend or Follow – This application allows you to find twitter name that is not following you back.

Hope these Twitter applications are help you for automization of your twitter account.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/smo-articles/top-10-twitters-app-to-monetize-your-twitter-profile-1638947.html#ixzz0peUgv6G1
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Original Picture Source:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/crefun/4179206328/sizes/z/in/photostream/

15 Tips To Get More Views On Youtube


Here is a list of tips and tricks you can use to drive more traffic to your videos and increase the views on YouTube. The next time that you upload a video make sure you tick off all these great advices and you’ll see results in no time.

Here we go…
1- Add rich meta-data related to your video (tags, description, titles,etc). Don’t use random popular tags, youtube is not stupid.

2- Update your channel as frequently as possible. The more you upload, the more chances people will end up in one of your videos, and eventually people will subscribe to your channel.

3- Plan your stuff and do some research on your related videos, sort them by views, study them and come up with better ideas by modeling what successful people are doing.

4- Always watermark your videos with your logo or website’s URL, you can do this with any video editing software.

5- Add the URL of your blog or website in the description areas of your videos and include a call to action such as “subscribe!” or “visit for more awesome videos”.

6- Don’t do sub4sub. It doesn’t drive any traffic to your videos and you will look “cheap”

7- Try to become a youtube partner. If you own the content of your videos (you also need to own the music), you can share revenue with Youtube but most importantly, you’ll be able to customize your youtube channel with your own header and cool graphics and people love that.

8- Create compelling and controversial content. If the content is not compelling, your video will not become to go viral.

9- Include the keyword “video” in your title and tags as many viewers’ searches will likely include it, even if they search on google. If your video is a tutorial, add “how to”, “guide” and “tutorial”, if it is a review then add “review”, “compared” and “vs”.

10- Keep your videos short. If your videos are too long, they may become boring after 5 minutes. If you make them very short, like 5 seconds and they are really good people will watch them at least one or two times more to check if they missed something.

11- Use Interesting and compelling thumbnails, more than 70% of views come from related videos so you want to make sure your thumbnails call viewers attention.

12- Allow people to rate, comment and embed your videos on their sites and blogs. (allowed by default)

13- Use annotations to display a call to action message like “subscribe to my videos” or to redirect your viewers to another video.

14- Only upload worth-watching videos.

15- Get a mentor or join a free course on how to dominate youtube

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/viral-marketing-articles/15-tips-to-get-more-views-on-youtube-1954798.html#ixzz0peSGHCRi
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