National Collegiate Leadership Conference Comes to Tucson


In a little less than two weeks.  The University of Arizona will be hosting National Collegiate Leadership Conference. This means that Tucson will be flooded with college students and university staff from all across the country.  With more than 80 workshops, this in one of the premier collegiate leadership workshops in the country. I have been given the opportunity to speak at this event and am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

My topic is Building a Personal Brand in a Digital Age. It will provide practical advice on how to brand yourself as  the leader corporations and clients are looking for.   Although this presentation will be tailored to college students and staff this is a critical topic for all professionals and business owners.  If you are unable to attend the conference you can read about all of the principles in my newest book, My Vision, My Plan, My Now.


Do you have a Favorite Emergency Phone Book?

Phone books

I know this is a strange topic coming from an online marketer but give me a second here. This weekend I was unable to access the internet for some reason.  I couldn’t seem to find an old billing statement to contact my internet provider so I began to franticly search for a phone book.

That’s right.  I’m a young 30 something and I’m looking for a phone book at 7am like I’m Indiana Jones looking for the Lost Ark.

As I was looking, I realized that I had tossed all of my phone books out when cleaning my office a few weeks ago.  Luckily, the internet decided to work again and a catastrophe was avoided…but what if I couldn’t get the internet going again?

This really made me think.  Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to keep a phone book around for emergencies.  But which one should I keep.  Every year it seems as if 4 or 5 directory services deliver phone books to my door.

How do I know which is best? Dex seems to have the most commercials in my area. I didn’t even know Verizon provides phones service in Tucson but they seem to have a phone book.  Then there’s the Yellowbook and the Yellow Pages…How does one decided?  Do you have a favorite emergency phone book?  If so what it?

Keeping Social Media in Perspective



As you all know, I love social media and am excited about its development and multiple uses. However, as my friend and 30 year marketing genius, Alan Wright reminds us, We should keep all things including social media in perspective. Here’s what he had to say in a recent e-mail…

Social media seems to be working very well for establishing and solidifying relationships with customers or potential customers, but attempts to use them for blatant selling and advertising message-establishment appear to mostly fail.

I don’t think social media will “replace” traditional media any more than CB radios replaced the telephone back in the ’70s.

People once thought commercial radio would replace talkie movies.

Then they thought TV would replace radio AND the movies. Then VCRs were going to put the movie theaters out of business. Now BLOCKBUSTER looks like it’ll fail pretty soon if they don’t figure out something new to do.

Remember? Cable was going to kill off broadcasting.

Satellite was supposed to make cable obsolete.

Internet will apparently be replacing all other older media, very soon – – -or, until something else comes along.

What do you think the next “big thing” in IT will be and how do you think it will support or hinder a marketer’s ability to convey his or her message?

P.S. Does anyone remember the 8 track player?…Just curious?