Marketing Beyond the Trance of Scarcity

Trance of Scarcity Book

I recently started reading the book “Trance of Scarcity” by Victoria Castle as a part of a reading circle at the Center for Spiritual Living in Tucson. Since choosing to become a full-time entrepreneur in 2006 I have seen many ups and downs in business.  I know what it means to work really hard and stay focused and play even when I don’t see results or feel well.  I did this for several years and while I did see some business growth I always knew, that it was limited when compared to what I believed I was capable of.

Over the last year or so I have change may game plan a bit.  I have been making an effort to just relax, be happy, love my family, take vacations and enjoy life regardless of what the business was doing or not doing.

Please don’t hear this as “I decided to neglect my business” I still did all of the basic things I needed to do to run and promote my business. However, this time I did them from a place of joy and not obligation or fear.  When I would get out of this flow I would get back in by focusing on all the things I was grateful for.

The results have been amazing. I hired and contracted several employees this year and my marketing company Social Mobile Buzz is growing like a weed. While I do my best to practice my own marketing rules, I must admit that my largest business deals have come in spite of them.  I have shared how I have been creating these results with a few of my clients.  However, as of today, I will be making this message an even greater part of my consulting process.

Victoria’s book is a  great tool to support this mindset. I am very grateful that she took the time to write a book that provides such clear instructions on how to remain in the flow of abundance.


Champions Have Short Memories

The memory of a Goldfish is appx 3 seconds.

The memory of a Goldfish is appx 3 seconds.

Some times in business we are faced with challenges that hit us so hard emotionally, mentally, and/or financially, that we consider giving up on our dreams. During these times it is critical to remember that if we want to succeed and win like a champion. We must develop the habit of having a short memory.

I know you’re probably thinking that this is completely opposite from everything you’ve ever heard, but let me explain. I’m not talking about forget peoples faces and names after meeting them or conveniently forgetting to perform a task that requires significant effort.

When I say champions have short memories, what I mean is that we must develop the skill of letting go of past failures and let downs and allowing them to remain in the past so these events don’t cloud and prevent future successes.

We must practice forgiving ourselves and others even though we sometimes want to hold a grudge; we must practice being the bigger person and strengthening our resolve to move forward by putting systems or new practices in place that keep unsuccessful past events at bay.

Champions have short memories because they make a habit of learning, correcting past mistakes, and forgetting the pain, and drama associated.

Champions know that they can be right about “how bad their situations is” or they can be rich, happy, and/or living life on their terms.

What events and/or situations could you stand to have a shortened memory about today?

Responsible Business Leaders take Vacations

Michael & Ellen Sailing in Mazatlan

It is important for business leaders to work hard and play hard. I’ve spent the last week in Mazatlan, Mexico with my wife. This was a great opportunity for us to nurture our relationship by spending time with each other and relaxing. I even learned a few things about how business is done in Mexico.

For years, as a business owner, I burned the candle at both ends and rarely took
time away from my business. My rational was that if I was away having fun I was being neglectful and spending money that I could be using to grow my business.

In recent years I’ve concluded that this was faulty thinking and is based on scarcity and lack mentality. And, guess what…this mindset was showing up for me every time I talked to a prospect and he or she “just didn’t have the money or couldn’t afford to invest in my services”…even though they were clear that it was exactly what they needed to achieve their goals.

Life always has a way of reminding us of who we’re being in the moment. Stopping to listen has changed everything for me.

This year I’ve taken 3 holidays and each one has done wonders for
my mindset and ability to be creative. I’ve even meet some great contacts on my trips that have translated into business.

Side note – when you take a holiday make sure you you go for the right reason… fun. Acquiring a new client is just a bonus. The possibility of meeting a new client should not be used to mentally justify your trip. When you do this you do not truly disconnect and are still mentally living in the land of scarcity.

What I’ve concluded is that when one is clear about his goals and has taken decisive action toward them no vacation on earth can keep the universe from delivering.

So get out, see the world, and love life. Your business depends on it.

Winners Vs. Champions


Winners and Champions are two different animals.

Winner’s happen to win because they have developed a skill or talent that allows them to achieve a certain outcome. These individuals may be great people but just because they win doesn’t mean they are a champion.

How many times have you seen a professional athlete that claim’s he or she is not a role model. Even if this athlete were to win a championship ring for each finger, to me, he/she would not be a champion. Why? Because being a champion is an inside out job. It’s about who you are and how you choose to live your life.

Champions are Champions because they not only choose to master a craft or profession but because they have chosen to use that profession on craft as a tool to help them master life.

A champion’s entire life revolves around this goal of mastery. They do not give up, they don’t quit and most importantly they keep their commitments to themselves and others.

Champions visualize their goals daily and consistently do the work that others are unwilling to do or are only willing to do some of the time.

Champions are the highest caliber of leaders. Their very presence inspires other to greatness. Who is your greatest champion? How can you use your family, career, or business as a tool to harness the champion within.

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Is Your Thinking Contributing to Your Success or Demise?


The world does not make allowances for what we perceive to be negative past experiences.

We should not expect people to feel sorry for us or give us a “break” because we had a rough childhood, because we were poor, because we were ignorant, because our parents were not there, because we were homeless, because we didn’t feel love growing up, because we failed multiples times in business, because we went bankrupt, because we have several kids that need food, because the economy is “bad,” and we have no work.

These matters, whether we agree or not, are indeed neutral and it is only the story’s we tell ourselves and the emotions we choose to have about them that give them power. Life or the universe is neutral. It only gives us more of what we focus our attention on, worry about, complain about, argue with our spouse about or what we give thanks for, express gratitude for, and share with others.

We are not sentenced by the position of stars, by our limited view of God or our DNA. Instead we are held to account for our thinking and our own internal dialog about life. Our thinking, supportive or unsupportive, determines our success in business and in life.

What are you thinking this very moment? Is it contributing to your Success or your Demise? Is it moving you closer to your goals? If not, what are the emotions or fears keeping that thought in place? When would now be a good time to give up what we believe to be true about these fears in order to gain the life you desire.

Get Ya’ Hustle on

Today I want to talk about business; specifically entrepreneurship. Many of you may not know that I grew up in a small town in the south. Where I’m from I never heard anyone use the term entrepreneurship.

I actually remember hearing it for the first time when I went to college…I held on to it because I liked the sound of it and thought that it would best describe me one day. I was right.

You see, where I grew up everyone had “something on the side,” or “some extra work” or had to “get their hustle on” or were trying to “make it in the game.” These were all terms that described entrepreneurship or people’s drive to succeed in it.

This is what I grew up hearing. The most fascinating thing was everyone seemed proud of the fact that they were pushing the envelope by following their passion and pursuing happiness or grateful that they were able to put food on the table.

Early on as an entrepreneur I faced many failures, more than I even thought were possible. There was even a time when I lost this pride and belief and I totally wanted to give up. You may have experienced a similar situation.  For those of you that have known me through the years, you know that giving up is definitely NOT apart of my vocabulary, so as you might imagine I was in a very low place.

Things are different today. I haven’t put the millionth dollar in my bank account yet, but I’m still here and I’m stronger than ever, and I’m winning like I’ve never won before.

Why am I telling you this?….Not to say look at me.

I’m telling you so you start to look at you and remember how great your are.  I hope this article helps remind you of the reason you became an entrepreneur- why you got in this game.  I’m going to suggest you got in to win! Whatever that looks like for you.

My point is, whatever you call your business, whether you’re full time hustler (business owner) in the game or part-time, just getting started, working in your back bedroom, or whether you just mortgaged your house to open a tire shop or are facing financial difficulties because you ignored a few big red signs. Wherever you are, I want to you pause for just a second and take a moment to be proud of yourself.

You are doing what most have never done before. You are taking a risk. You’re facing your fear. You are depending on your G-d given vision and creativity…You are betting on the jockey (you) as I like to call it.

Just for today, hold your head high and execute like your life depends on it.

Make those cold calls, finalize those LLC papers, close that deal and, damn it…ask for the money you deserve…NO discounting or bartering today. Commit to being focused or recommit if you’ve fallen off the wagon…even if this is your 50th time.

It’s time to believe in yourself and have faith in your dreams again. Nothing beats failure like a good plan and persistence. Decide today that you will do the impossible…Whatever that is for you. Break away from your comfort zone, take a deep breath and dive in.

The world needs innovators, creative geniuses, idealist; optimist…You my friend are all of this and more.

You are the leader your family, customers and community are looking for. Be proud of your past, stop being ashamed and beating up on yourself for last week’s, month’s, year’s decision.

You are still here and you have 100% of the rest of your life left. There is still time to make it count. Don’t be ashamed of your struggle any longer. Embrace it, feel good and “get ya’ hustle on.”

Follow me on and lets hustle together!

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from Sailing


This morning I was thinking about the first time I went sailing. My friend Travis and I decided to hit the waters of Fort Walton Beach, Florida several years ago with his “new,” used sail boat. Travis had been sailing for years and he really understood the water and the wind, and how to maneuver sail boats like a pro.

The greatest lesson Travis taught me about sailing was that you must always “tact” or turn the sails of your vessel in a direction that will allow it to catch the wind. Catching the right wind will assuredly pull your boat in the direction you want to go. Conversely, if you don’t catch the right wind you’ll end up lost, and if you don’t catch a wind at all you’ll end up floating around aimlessly in the middle of the ocean… and the currents will determine your fate.

Oddly enough, the same is true in life. The subconscious mind is like an ocean. It is vast, has no boundaries and is filled with wind currents and jet stream that can take us anywhere we want to go.

The question is…where do you want to go?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide you want to go somewhere (set a goal) it’s as if the sail of your conscious mind finally catches the wind and starts pulling the rest of you in the direction you intended to go? And, isn’t it amazing that the longer you focus your efforts on staying in that jet stream of thought, the faster you seem to move toward your goal?

What if you charted a short course today; Say you set some small goals; like returning all of your e-mails or voice mails, cleaning your car, making 20 sales calls, etc; focus on these goals (i.e tact with the wind) and then watch just how fast you reach your destination.

After doing this a few times during the week take a longer voyage. Choose a longer-term goal, apply the same principles and let me know where you end up and just how fast you got there…Bon Voyage!

Do You live in a Proactive or Reactive World?



There are worlds within worlds when we consider the consciousness of ones mind or said more simply how one thinks about or views life. Today, I would like to talk about 2 of these worlds or states of mind.

The first world is the world of reactivity and the second is the world of proactivity. The world of reactivity is a world in which we identify with the premise that we are some how at the mercy of life, our culture, our races, society, others, G-d, or life situations. In this state of mind we are afraid of bad things happening to us and we are afraid that when good things happen, the other shoe is always waiting to drop. We actually believe there are good and bad things happening to us as oppose to neural events which we get to assign meaning to.

In the world of reactivity we are judgmental of others, and ourselves; we do not take time to choose thought patterns that that magnify the brilliant image of light were created in. Instead, we allow our minds to be unconsciously filled with thought patterns that may not serve us. These thoughts like all thoughts dictate our beliefs, moods, actions and life. In the reactive state we are only reacting to life as it presents itself to us instead of responding to and creating a world we are worthy of.

The reactive world is a consciousness of fear, lack, limitation and doubt about who we are, our abilities, and the purpose we have chosen for this life. In this consciousness we live for the sake of ourselves alone. There is no room for others because we are always there….reacting

In the world of proactivity we acknowledge and respond to life with gratitude, instead of resisting, shouting NO, blaming G-d or choosing to be angry or disappointed. We welcome life as a gift and look for the glimmer of light present in all people and all situations. We do not wait until painful situations come upon us to change. Instead, we seek out opportunities for growth even if they temporarily make us uncomfortable. We know that this form of work is a privilege and it strengthens the proactive mind.

In the world or proactivity, we see the world as One. It is a playground, a place of excitement, and our desire is to receive for the sake of sharing with others and not for the sake of ourselves alone….. In this state of mind we work with our heads and our hearts. We direct the power of love, passion, excitement, generosity, and authenticity to create a life whose very existence becomes “the cause” instead of an effect in the world.

In the proactive world we choose the life we desire and all of creation bends to the intention of this choice. We take 100% responsibility for all of the roles we play or have played in the world and we are constantly looking for ways to share our essence. The proactive state of mind is abundance. It exists only within the space of belief and certainty. Every time we choose the proactive mind we choose our most authentic self and allow the creative force to be expressed in the purest state.

20 Reasons for Me to be Grateful


Today was filled with some big internal challenges.  However, instead of focusing on those things, I’ve decided to choose a positive mood.  In an effort to support this, I’d like to share 20 things I’m grateful for (In no particular order).

  • Comments on my Facebook page
  • A loving wife and supportive friends and family
  • My Think and Grow Rich class
  • An abundance of new ideas
  • The 2 people that showed up to my Meetup Group tonight
  • Social Media
  • Warm Clothes
  • A nice place to live
  • Amazing weather 8 months out of the year in Tucson
  • An undergraduate and Master’s Degree
  • Great books
  • Good health
  • Good transportation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Love
  • My kidney shaped couch
  • America
  • Freedom of speech
  • Moose tracks ice cream

I’m also grateful that you’ve taken the time to read this list. What 20 things are your grateful for?