Get Ya’ Hustle on

Today I want to talk about business; specifically entrepreneurship. Many of you may not know that I grew up in a small town in the south. Where I’m from I never heard anyone use the term entrepreneurship.

I actually remember hearing it for the first time when I went to college…I held on to it because I liked the sound of it and thought that it would best describe me one day. I was right.

You see, where I grew up everyone had “something on the side,” or “some extra work” or had to “get their hustle on” or were trying to “make it in the game.” These were all terms that described entrepreneurship or people’s drive to succeed in it.

This is what I grew up hearing. The most fascinating thing was everyone seemed proud of the fact that they were pushing the envelope by following their passion and pursuing happiness or grateful that they were able to put food on the table.

Early on as an entrepreneur I faced many failures, more than I even thought were possible. There was even a time when I lost this pride and belief and I totally wanted to give up. You may have experienced a similar situation.  For those of you that have known me through the years, you know that giving up is definitely NOT apart of my vocabulary, so as you might imagine I was in a very low place.

Things are different today. I haven’t put the millionth dollar in my bank account yet, but I’m still here and I’m stronger than ever, and I’m winning like I’ve never won before.

Why am I telling you this?….Not to say look at me.

I’m telling you so you start to look at you and remember how great your are.  I hope this article helps remind you of the reason you became an entrepreneur- why you got in this game.  I’m going to suggest you got in to win! Whatever that looks like for you.

My point is, whatever you call your business, whether you’re full time hustler (business owner) in the game or part-time, just getting started, working in your back bedroom, or whether you just mortgaged your house to open a tire shop or are facing financial difficulties because you ignored a few big red signs. Wherever you are, I want to you pause for just a second and take a moment to be proud of yourself.

You are doing what most have never done before. You are taking a risk. You’re facing your fear. You are depending on your G-d given vision and creativity…You are betting on the jockey (you) as I like to call it.

Just for today, hold your head high and execute like your life depends on it.

Make those cold calls, finalize those LLC papers, close that deal and, damn it…ask for the money you deserve…NO discounting or bartering today. Commit to being focused or recommit if you’ve fallen off the wagon…even if this is your 50th time.

It’s time to believe in yourself and have faith in your dreams again. Nothing beats failure like a good plan and persistence. Decide today that you will do the impossible…Whatever that is for you. Break away from your comfort zone, take a deep breath and dive in.

The world needs innovators, creative geniuses, idealist; optimist…You my friend are all of this and more.

You are the leader your family, customers and community are looking for. Be proud of your past, stop being ashamed and beating up on yourself for last week’s, month’s, year’s decision.

You are still here and you have 100% of the rest of your life left. There is still time to make it count. Don’t be ashamed of your struggle any longer. Embrace it, feel good and “get ya’ hustle on.”

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