Is the Law of Mental Equivalents Working in Your Favor?



Tonight I had the opportunity to share my passion for social entrepreneurship and social media with a consulting association in Tucson. I really felt honored to be invited to speak to some of the most respect consultants in my city.

Being in a room with leaders of this caliber caused me stop and ask myself “What have I done to merit such goodness? Then I began to think about the “law of mental equivalents.”

In a nutshell, this law states that the frequency of ones thoughts along with the level of emotion attached to those thoughts determines how big and how fast the thing one thinks about becomes reality. In other words, the greater the heat…the bigger the fire.

I have passionately and unremittingly thought about speaking to groups of leaders and of course positioning myself to do so with my actions for the last couple of months. Now this desire is manifesting even faster with each day.

Surprise…the law works!

I am so grateful that my message is in demand and I am contacted daily by people who desire my services in order to help them “shift their businesses for good.”

Please share how the law of mental equivalents has played out in your life