Is Customer Feedback Driving Your Marketing?

For the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of the most brilliant interns. I have asked them to work on several assignments and they have done so masterfully. Take a minute read what Andrew Nelson, a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson had to say about his latest assignment.

Last week Michael gave us interns an assignment to look at his company along with a list of products and come up with a presentation describing our perception of the company. I began thinking to myself, “why in the world would a guy that knows everything about his own company ask us college students, who have almost no prior knowledge of these products, to tell him what we think his company is?”

So… during the week I thought about it, then it came to me. Why do golf club companies allow consumers to test out their clubs before releasing them to the rest of the public? It’s simple. They see things that the company’s don’t. Sure the clubs may have some revolutionary new medal but unless it performs in the hands of the consumer then no one’s going buy it.

In the end the consumers are the ones buying the products so why not involve them more directly. My belief is that as creators companies often tend to think our product is better than it truly is. A simple solution to get a more accurate view of your company is to let others look at it. Those who don’t have interest in your company financially, and those who are not afraid to be brutally honest. So sit down and listen. Who knows you may get some million dollar advice.

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