The Google Facebook War is in Full Swing


In effort to keep everyone informed about Google’s efforts to enter the social media space, I’d like to share an amazing article I found on today. These guys did an excellent review of the Google happenings. I thought about summarizing it because it is 3 pages long but…it’s really good and I didn’t want to take anything away from it. Enjoy and as always post your thought.
7 Reasons Why Google+ Will Succeed (and 1 reason why it will very likely fail)

Brand Yourself Across the Web with Google’s +1 Button


The Google +1 Feature is a simple but powerful tool. It can be used to brand you or your firm across the web.

Similar to the Facebook “Like” feature, according to Google, the +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” You simply click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

The great thing about +1 is all you have to do is click it. If your company or brand is identified as your Google profile, you can literally brand your firm across the web…Very exciting! However, with great privilege comes great responsibility so click or +1 wisely.

Facebook Ads Manager Gets a Facelift

New Facebook Ad Manager Pic

As of yesterday Facebook updated its Ads Manager interface with new visuals and campaign performance data. The improved metrics and graphs should help advertisers better understand and manage Facebook Ads.

Here is a guide to the new interface Guide to New Facebook Ads Manager

Some of the new Facebook ad campaign metrics include:

Campaign Reach – the number of individual people who saw your ads in this campaign during the date period selected, this is different to impressions which includes people seeing your ad multiple times. The concept is very similar to “Unique Visits” on Google Analytics
Frequency – the average number of times each person saw your campaign ad
Social reach – the people who saw your ad with the names of their friends who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or used your app
Connections – the number of people who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or installed your application within 24 hours of seeing your ad
Clicks – the number of clicks your campaign has received
CTR – the campaign click thru rate
Spent – the amount of money you spent on Facebook ads

The new Facebook audience metrics are:

Targeted – the approximate number of people seeing your ads based on the targeting options you have selected
Reach – the individual number of people who saw your Facebook ads
Social reach – the number of people who saw your Facebook ads because their friends like your page, RSVPed to your event or use your app

There is also a new inline ad management system and a creative library.

New inline ad management
• With the previous interface a lot of time was wasted loading when clicking back and forward to manage individual Facebook ads. Now you can quickly click one of the ad rows in your Ad Manager screen and the ad will drop down allowing you to quickly preview the ad and click-through the various elements of its individual performance without leaving the Ad manager.

New Creative library
• Facebook has created a central database of all your campaign creatives allowing for scalable campaigns and also the re-use of previous ads in your new campaigns. The platform allows you to view all campaigns creatives, by campaign but also those campaigns with no adverts yet created, and you can also search via keywords to quickly find the best ad.

To learn more on how you can grow your business with Facebook ads and other social/mobile marketing platforms visit

R.I.P. FBML, Hello IFrame

FB Business Pg Flag

If you haven’t heard already, Facebook is doing away with its existing FBML app on March 10, 2011. This is tomorrow! FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language. The FBML app was available for business pages and was used for page customization (nice graphics, videos, opt-in forms, etc).

The FBML app is now being replaced with an IFrame app or inline Frame. The IFrame is actually throwback technology from the early 90’s but has a little more flexibility than FBML. You can now pull in a page of content that has been designed and hosted on your server. Check out this article on adding an IFrame custom tab specifics on how to adding this app to your business page.

I spent the day looking at several IFrame apps. However, I’ve really had my eye on the Wildfire IFrame app. Wildfire is known for supporting Facebook promotions and contest. This app will be FREE for the next 3 months and will allow you to upload custom images and content to your Facebook Page.

Wildfire is extremely easy to use and will allow people who haven’t “Liked” your page yet to see different content from those who have.

I’m still testing this application out. If you’d like to see what I have so far visit my Facebook page Social Mobile Buzz, Please “Like” my page and leave me a comment about your views on the IFrame or social media in general.