The Biggest Lesson I Learned from Sailing


This morning I was thinking about the first time I went sailing. My friend Travis and I decided to hit the waters of Fort Walton Beach, Florida several years ago with his “new,” used sail boat. Travis had been sailing for years and he really understood the water and the wind, and how to maneuver sail boats like a pro.

The greatest lesson Travis taught me about sailing was that you must always “tact” or turn the sails of your vessel in a direction that will allow it to catch the wind. Catching the right wind will assuredly pull your boat in the direction you want to go. Conversely, if you don’t catch the right wind you’ll end up lost, and if you don’t catch a wind at all you’ll end up floating around aimlessly in the middle of the ocean… and the currents will determine your fate.

Oddly enough, the same is true in life. The subconscious mind is like an ocean. It is vast, has no boundaries and is filled with wind currents and jet stream that can take us anywhere we want to go.

The question is…where do you want to go?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide you want to go somewhere (set a goal) it’s as if the sail of your conscious mind finally catches the wind and starts pulling the rest of you in the direction you intended to go? And, isn’t it amazing that the longer you focus your efforts on staying in that jet stream of thought, the faster you seem to move toward your goal?

What if you charted a short course today; Say you set some small goals; like returning all of your e-mails or voice mails, cleaning your car, making 20 sales calls, etc; focus on these goals (i.e tact with the wind) and then watch just how fast you reach your destination.

After doing this a few times during the week take a longer voyage. Choose a longer-term goal, apply the same principles and let me know where you end up and just how fast you got there…Bon Voyage!