How Are Your Money Goals Anchored?


Many times we unknowingly set anchorless goals, when it come to setting money goals. Let’s assume that you’ve become a rather sophisticated goal setter and goal getter.

You always make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals, you have an attitude of gratitude, you follow Napoleon Hill’s 6 steps to manifesting desire in “Think and Grow Rich” (pg 28) and you typically get the results you desire. However, when it comes to setting money goals, there seems to be a breakdown.

Maybe you’re even a little frustrated now because you haven’t been able to figure out why other goals are consistently achieved but not goals associated with money.

Well, this was my situation not to long ago. After some recent reflection and review of the money goals I’ve achieved over the years. I noticed that the money goals I’ve achieved all had something in common. They were always linked or anchored to something or some other goal.

What I’ve concluded is that in the case of money goals, when using the SMART goal method, “specific” doesn’t only mean how much money. It also means what do you specifically intend to use the money for.

Will it be used to start or grow your business, buy a new car, take a trip, etc. A quick caution, “paying off debt” as a goal is a poor goal. Why? Your mind can not see an image of no debt. Plus, you’re focusing on the debt which reinforces the “reality” of the existing debt.

It would be better to think about taking a cruise and feeling happy because you’ve achieved the lifestyle you desire…paid for of course by the money you’ve earned.

Being clear about the use of the money you desire creates what I believe to be an anchor in the world of thought. Having this anchor produces a mental picture, increases your belief, and provides the necessary excitement and motivation required to develop a clear plan that when acted upon will deliver your money goal a silver platter. What patterns have you noticed during your experience with the goal achievement process?