Is Your Thinking Contributing to Your Success or Demise?


The world does not make allowances for what we perceive to be negative past experiences.

We should not expect people to feel sorry for us or give us a “break” because we had a rough childhood, because we were poor, because we were ignorant, because our parents were not there, because we were homeless, because we didn’t feel love growing up, because we failed multiples times in business, because we went bankrupt, because we have several kids that need food, because the economy is “bad,” and we have no work.

These matters, whether we agree or not, are indeed neutral and it is only the story’s we tell ourselves and the emotions we choose to have about them that give them power. Life or the universe is neutral. It only gives us more of what we focus our attention on, worry about, complain about, argue with our spouse about or what we give thanks for, express gratitude for, and share with others.

We are not sentenced by the position of stars, by our limited view of God or our DNA. Instead we are held to account for our thinking and our own internal dialog about life. Our thinking, supportive or unsupportive, determines our success in business and in life.

What are you thinking this very moment? Is it contributing to your Success or your Demise? Is it moving you closer to your goals? If not, what are the emotions or fears keeping that thought in place? When would now be a good time to give up what we believe to be true about these fears in order to gain the life you desire.

Do Your Daily Disciplines Create the Results You Deserve?



This weekend, My wife and I had a monthly celebration dinner with or friends Derek and Monique. We started this ritual a month ago to celebrate our accomplishments and hold each other accountable for the goals we set.

After a wonderful dinner, the four of us were talking about consistency and the power of choosing 3-5 daily disciplines to accomplish each day so we can move forward in our business and in personal development.

I have taken on the challenge of performing certain task repeatedly in the past and have produced amazing results. I must admit, until now I had slacked up a bit.

Since Sunday’s conversation, I have decided to embark on this journey once more to see they new results I will create. Writing on the blog daily is one of them. Yikes!:)

Let me know what habits or disciples you perform each day to ensure your success. If you think you have none let me assure you that you do. They probably just aren’t helping you reach your goals. It’s OK to share these habits too. They can serve as examples of what not to do. Looking forward to your thoughts.