Are You Still Looking for “Good” Leads?


Today I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Jake. We were talking about lead generation and making good business contacts in Tucson. As I began to share with him some of the connections I had been making over the last several months, he interrupted me and asked, “Michael, how are you meeting all of these awesome people? What’s your secret to getting in the door?” And without skipping a beat (because, fortunately, I had asked and answered the same question last night during my evening walk), I told him, “there is no door.”

“I meet great business people because I focus on being a great person inside instead of looking to find great people on the outside.” As our conversation progressed, I shared with my friend that the highest caliber of people operate in a heightened mindset or consciousness. If one wants to even transact business with the real movers and shakers of the world, one most literally go to where they are mentally.

This is done by raising one’s level of awareness through concentration and consistent movement towards a worthy goal. The action of visualizing one’s goal creates a sense of emotional calmness and orders one’s thought. Orderly, thoughts produces purposeful action. Purposeful action creates positive feelings, high self-esteem, and causes one to deliver result in life.

Positive feelings backed by results heighten one’s visibility and causes successful people, (i.e. leaders) to take notice. Since leaders have orderly thoughts, high-self-esteem, and consistently deliver results in life, if you become like them who do you think they will want to do business with…You got it. YOU! I think Voltaire says it best in his famous 18th Century work Candid. “Tend your own garden.”