GaggleAmp helps Organizations Promote Themselves through Stakeholders


Everyone has been talking about Google + and Facebook’s new timeline so much these days until most have missed one of the latest innovations in increasing social  Brand Awareness; GaggleAMP.

Google AMP is a tool designed for brand managers and marketers looking to increase exposure by way of organizational employees, vendors, political, supporters, donors or customer networks. The organization builds a network and the people associated with the network amplify the messages pushed thorough it by posting and retweeting company info to their friends and connections on the various social networks. The idea behind GaggleAMP is to make it easier for an organizations  stakeholders to participate in the promotion of that organization in guided fashion.

The stakeholders who agree to promote the company simply sign up to be apart of a “Gaggle” on GaggleAMP and start posting messages. They can even receive emails telling them when they have a message to share.

I exepect to hear more about GaggleAMP in the coming months.  This technology has the ability to help small and midsize companies gain a competitive advantage when it comes to increasing brand awareness because it helps them more strategically tap into the relationships they already have.

The Google Facebook War is in Full Swing


In effort to keep everyone informed about Google’s efforts to enter the social media space, I’d like to share an amazing article I found on today. These guys did an excellent review of the Google happenings. I thought about summarizing it because it is 3 pages long but…it’s really good and I didn’t want to take anything away from it. Enjoy and as always post your thought.
7 Reasons Why Google+ Will Succeed (and 1 reason why it will very likely fail)