Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Life Insurance

10. You don’t want your spouse to spend the death benefit on their new playmate after you expire

9. You think death is only for “old people”

8. You don’t think you can afford it today so your plan is to wait until you’re old or have medical problems so it can be more expensive tomorrow.

7. You’re a big time investor and don’t like the idea of using a little money now to get a lot of money later because you won’t be around to spend it

6. You never benefited from a charity, foundation, institute, or religious organization and don’t think they deserve to use “your money” on other people when you’re gone

5. You’ve made millions and think it would be cool to watch from the “other side” as your family conducts an estate sale in your honor to pay the 45% death tax

4. You think too much money will ruin your kids and teach them to despise the very “hard work” that helped kill you

3. You actually think other people want to wash cars, put on bake sales, and collect donations to pay for your funeral

2. You’re a selfish angry bastard and have no intention of leaving a legacy for anyone

1. You’ve worked your whole life and have nothing to show for it

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