Frank Kearn to Internet Marketers: “Don’t Give a F*ck”

Frank Kearn

Today, I am in San Diego. That is because I spontaneously decided to drive 7 hours to meet
Frank Kearn and several other well recognized names in my industry at the San Diego Internet Marketing Party (Kate Buck, Perry Belcher, Adam Horowitz, Russell Yermel, etc.

OK, so I wasn’t entirely spontaneous, I actually RSVPed online last week but hadn’t fully committed until yesterday morning.

When I woke up, I asked myself…

Is it more important for me to be comfortable and make a few bucks in here in Tucson from one appointment (which the client canceled by the way) or to further pursue my goals of being an industry thought leader by surrounding myself with other successful leaders in my field?

Toss in the 7 hour drive and the 2nd choice was obviously the most unreasonable and so that’s what I went with.

Note: I’ve come to learn that successful people are only successful because they are willing to do the things unsuccessful won’t (not can’t) do. Most of the time this means being unreasonable.

So….back to Frank.

Frank Kearn is arguably the most successful internet marketer on the planet right now.
He is known and respected by Internet Marketers and business leaders across the globe.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Frank’s talk.
However, I must admit I was shocked, inspired and relieved all at the same time.

Frank was given about 20 minutes to speak to a room full of other highly successful internet marketers. I could get how a speaker might get overwhelmed or choked up with a task like this. I mean, What do you say to a room of mostly wealthy 30 somethings about being successful online?

Frank was totally up to the challenge and true to his abrasive form after a few jokes and pleasantries he laid down the gauntlet. Here are the four principles from his talk.

1. Don’t Give a F*ck!

Stop caring so much about what other people say or think about you and your style. And…stop trying to sell your stuff to people who won’t buy it in the first place because they don’t vibe with you and they have too many considerations. Not giving a “F*ck is an attitude that say’s I”m happy with how I am, and I’m going to succeed with our without your money. Are you in or you out?…Either way works for me. This viewpoint is simple, yet profound.

Have you ever met someone who tried to convince you how great their stuff is (Any MLMer’s or Network Marketers in the room? I love you guys but…News Flash…you guys can be the worst and it’s not even your stuff) or do you have friends that care so much about what people think until they never seem to make their own decision? ” Is this you? If so stop. It’s a sign of weakness. In the words of Frank Kearn. Just “don’t give a F*ck”

2. Give a F*ck…about the people buying your stuff.

I know you’re thinking; this is just the opposite of the last principle. That would be True. According to Frank, the people who’s opinion should matter to you the most are the one’s who were cool enough to do business with you. It is these people who you must without fail deliver an amazing value to. Why? because they are cool like you, they took a chance on you and best of all they are paying you.

Can you imagine how it would feel only to deliver awesome products to cool people that liked you and paid you well for it? FYI..this is what business is supposed to be like.

3. Deliver the best product to the marketplace

Franks states that while delivering the best product to the marketplace might require some work upfront, It’s better in the long run. Why? Because people know they can trust you and your work. Happy customers will recommend you to their friends, and they will buy stuff from you as well. As a professional, you become the hunted instead to the hunter.

4. Never apologize for who you are.

If you’re a jerk own it. If you’re cool own it. Charlie Sheen without question operates outside of what society says is acceptable and he has been outspoken about his lifestyle choices for a longtime. However, he has recently become apologetic. While suddenly becoming apologetic may (or may not) help him get his show back, by being apologetic for who he is gives others power over him because he is agreeing that what they think about him is more important than what he thinks of himself. According to Frank you should never be apologetic for who you are.

So which of these principles did you like the most? What would you add? Let me know. Visit me on