Happy Social Media Day Tucson


Today is Social Media Day all around the world and nearly 600 international cities will be hosting social media get-togethers to encourage people to get to know the people they are” friends” with via their social networking sites.

This event is being promoted by Mashable.com and Meetup.com. Mashable is a major blog that provides information to people in the social media community and Meetup.com is a social media site that encourages local groups to “meetup” and get to know each other.

In Tucson, Arizona we will be hosting our first ever social media day meetup at club congress today at 4pm.

This event is sponsored by a number or organizations to include Jobing.com, CTG, Tucson Young Professionals, Xtreme Business International, Tucson Social Media Lab and Chik-fil-A El Con.

There we’ll be lots of prizes and some great networking opportunities. I look forward to seeing you there.