Create an Avatar of your Favorite Customers


Often times when meeting with new clients I ask them to describe their target market or perfect client. The answers I get range from “everybody” to small businesses owners on the “North-side” of town. As a business newbie we’ve all said something like this. However, if you ever want to make it to become an “oldie” I’d recommend never repeating it. If you want to be laser focused in your efforts to attract the right clients for your business I’d recommend creating up to 3 Avatars or personalities of your target market and directing your marketing specifically to these individuals.

I’ve known this concept for awhile but recently decided to take it on after hearing a talk by Paul Lemberg  at the Social Profit Formula conference in Phoenix, Arizona nearly a week ago.

In less than one week I have effortlessly attracted 3 perfect prospective clients without even looking for them. Why? Because my intentions were crystal clear about what I was looking for. Additionally, I am now able to share my Avatar with others so they can make the best referrals. Lastly, and best of all I get to save time and energy by not wading through the hordes of individuals who simply aren’t a good fit.

Surprisingly, my perfect Avatar was not at all who I thought it would be. This was very eye-opening and caused me to rethink my marketing efforts. Which as I mentioned has worked like a charm.

Below is what I did to create my Avatar. Follow these steps to create your own.

1. Review the records of the customers you’ve worked with.

2. Make a list of 6-10 that you absolutely enjoyed working with. The clients I’ve enjoyed working with the most were very positive, eager to learn, took action, and best of all they didn’t haggle over pricing because they could afford my services.

3. Create a personal and professional profile for each of these individuals based on the following:


  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Gross Sales
  • How they interact with company
  • How their employees and peers view them
  • Problems they need solved


  • Age
  • Sex
  • weight
  • Race
  • Hobbies
  • Political preferences (even if you don’t agree)
  • Cars they drive
  • Marital status
  • What inspires them
  • What keeps them up at night

4. Find or create a picture of your Avatar.

5. Give him/her a name and personality.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 two more times.

7. Design marketing materials to focus on your 3 Avatars.

8. Share  your Avatar with all who ask you to identify your best customer.

Here is an example of one of my perfect Avatars (If this looks like you or someone you know visit to learn more about how I can help you grow your company with social media and mobile marketing.)

The Mobile Revolution is Upon Us



Two weeks ago I attended the Social Media Arizona event in Phoenix, Arizona. There were a number of topics covered at this event. However, the topic that intrigued me the most was the rise of mobile marketing. Almost all of the presenters had charts and graphs that discussed the rise of a “mobile mankind” (I just made that phrase up) but it’s totally accurate.

Here are a few statistics:

-There are 6.5 billion people on the planet 5 billion have mobile phones
-85% or 255 million Americans have mobile phones
– Mobile marketing is expected to be the fastest growing segment of marketing. predicts that mobile advertising will be a $6.5B business by 2012
– 23% of mobile phone users had smartphones at the end of 2009
– The use of mobile applications grew by more than 40% in 2009. (2008-2009 ComScore, MMetrics)
– 90% of Text messages are read within 3 minutes
– Mobile click thru rates (CTR) and conversions are double those of email and internet marketing

I could go on all day with statistics like this. The bottom-line is simple. Social media marketing is expected to continue its growth over the next several years and it is converging with mobile devices. Ladies and gentlemen, the mobile revolution is upon us.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how your company can take advantage of social or mobile marketing find me on Facebook.

Tucson CEOs Named Finalist for Social Media Arizona Award



Tucson, Arizona, August 26, 2010, Two CEO’s from Tucson-based social media marketing companies were named as finalist for the Social Media Arizona Awards.

Xtreme Business International’s Michael Tucker and Finger Candy Media’s Jessica Northey were selected from hundreds of nominees and social media marketing firms throughout Arizona as finalist for the SMAZZIE Awards.

Michael was acknowledged along with 5 other business owners under the “Homegrown Can Of Awesome” category. Businesses in this category represent the most interesting tech savvy start-ups in Arizona. Jessica was recognized as a trailblazer under the “Trailblazer” category. Businesses in this category are using cutting edge ideas to change the way people work or think in the social media space.

The judges will select the winners from a total of five categories tomorrow at the 2010 Social Media Arizona Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Xtreme Business International and Finger Candy media are two of Tucson’s most respected social media marketing firms.

For more information about Xtreme Business International on Finger Candy Media contact: Michael Tucker, 520-327-0168, Michael@ or Jessica Northey 559-349-5933,

Better Employment Solutions Launches in Tucson


Many of you know that Xtreme Business International provides cause-related marketing services and supports business owners in becoming profitable and making a difference.

However, what you may not know is that Xtreme Business International is also a hub for social entrepreneur leadership training, advocacy, and the development of innovative social enterprises.

Our goal is to launch one new social enterprise each year. This year many of you benefited from our marketing services or participated in our Tucson Social Media Lab, where we provided affordable social media training to more that 300 micro-business owners in Tucson in order to help them more successfully compete with larger firms and the have greater access to local, nationwide and even international markets.

As we cross the half way point in the year, I’m very proud to say that we have co-founded and launched our second social enterprise, The goal of Better Employment Solutions is to provide job seekers with an online personal branding solution that will strengthen their online image and help speed up the job search process.

We will begin hosting training sessions to educate job seekers on how they can use our system to develop an online presence that outshines the competition, proves they are the leader their future employer is looking for, and helps reduce the job search time-frame.

We have already launched in Phoenix with huge success! Our clients absolutely love our concept and we are hosting Employee Branding Events 4 times a day!

Our model consist of a FREE video resume site, world-class social media training, and the search engine optimization needed through our
site to ensure your online brand makes a powerful statement to your future employer.

Best of all, all of our training is FREE because we have corporate sponsors that pay us to provide this service. To learn more visit

Tucson Awarded $63 Million for Mordern Street Car


Yesterday I visited to State House in Phoenix with advocates from across the state to encourage the legislature to find a way to balance to budget without eliminating Adult Education.

While there, I spoke with Representative Steve Farley from Pima County Legislative District 28 and learned that Tucson was awarded $63M from the Department of Transportation to complete the installation of a modern street car. This street car will transport Tucsonans for the U of A to downtown Tucson.

Today, Mayor Walkup expanded on the immediate and future economic impact the street car will have on Tucson at the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Lunch today.

Here are a few points:
– Work is expected to start within 60 Days
– Tucson will be installing the only All-American made street car. This means 1000’s of jobs for Americans in 7 states
– This project will bring 3000 new jobs to Tucson over the next 3-5 years
– Over $1B of private capital is currently being invested in Downtown
– The U of A will begin expanding its campus Downtown. 6000 students are expected to move downtown
– Improvement of the downtown will attract larger businesses to Tucson and possibly become a driving factor for annexation of the Foot Hills into the City of Tucson. This Annexation will mean $80M in additional state shared revenue for the City of Tucson.

In my own words… Look out Phoenix. Tucson is about to get BIG…Fast!

Millionaire Maker Comes to Phoenix, Arizona

The Millionaire Entrepreneur Summit, hosted by Debbie Allen, will be an awesome opportunity to expand your business and your financial intelligence. One of my mentors, Loral Langemeier will be there and I hope you will be there too.



How to choose a Mortgage Loan Modification Company (Part 6)

Be cautions about phone and email solicitations from loan modification companies

In case you guys haven’t already figured out loan modifications can be big business for those that can make it happen.

When I say “make it happen” I’m speaking of marketing or persuasively attracting customers.

“The best marketer will always win.”

Selling a loan modification is no different than someone selling you a checking account.

If you’re thinking “You mean to tell me that I’m being sold a checking account, but I need it don’t I” you’re not alone.

I didn’t realize the bank was doing a sales job on me either until I got a job at a one…and boy are they good. Not that banks are not a good idea but we’ve been conviced that we actually “need” on like we need air.

Being sold by a bank can be hard to spot but every “free” feature you sign up for is really a sale.

Believe it or not, there is a transaction taking place. You’re giving the bank your money and they are providing the service of “watching it” for you.

Now as a banker my job was to convince you that our bank could “keep an eye on your money” better than you could, the banker down the street or the bed bugs under your mattress. Was this 100% true? Maybe, maybe not

Never-the-less, this my friends is banking sales 101. Sounds crazy if you really think about it? I digress…

Getting back to the point of this post…Just because you “need” a loan modification doesn’t mean you should act desperate and respond to any flashy piece of adverting that comes your way.

I’m not saying that everyone that voiceblast you a phone call or sends you and e-mail is bad. Just know that many of these companies are marketers first and self-proclaimed loan modification gurus second.

With that in mind make sure you choose wisely. Do your research and most importantly follow you gut. If the person you’re dealing with doesn’t sit well with you choose someone else.

How to Choose a Mortgage Loan Modificaton Company (Part 5)

Be mindful of loan modification companies that tell you to stop paying your mortgage.

Ok, I’ve heard this one a lot and there is a lot of truth to banks only wanting to work with you if you are 3 months behind on your mortgage. Banks do this not to ruin your credit for not paying them back, but as a part of a system to prioritize which loans get modified first. Loans that have not been paid for more than three months recieve the most immediate attention.

Before I go any further, let me say up front I am in no way suggesting you not pay your mortgage but if you really need the banks attention, there is a way to do with out destroying your credit.

When you pay your mortgage, if you pay after the grace period (usually the 15th) but before the end of 30 days your banks will simply make an annotation on your account.

However, if you pay after 30 days the credit bureau will be notified. The key here is not to be more than 30 day’s late.

So if you really must get the banks attention, I’ve heard of many people paying between the 16th and the 29th day of the month for 3 months consecutively, and then contacting the bank about a loan modification.

How to choose at Mortgage Loan Modification (Part 4)

Find loan modification companies that thoroughly explain the loan modification process.

There are several companies that will tell you just how unstoppable they are when it comes to loan modifications. However, it is vital that you understand exactly what you are paying for.

There are a couple of techniques out there that are usually lumped together and called a loan modification. However, these techniques are quite different and vary in difficulty. So make sure you’ve got someone experienced working for you.

The first technique is actually a loan modification (i.e. you or a company works with your lender to reduce the interest rate and monthly payment on your loan.

Another technique is called a “short pay.” That’s right, short pay not short sale. Under this strategy the bank actually reduces the loan amount, the payment, and the interest rate (Hint: This is the more difficult of the two).

For example, you have a $250K loan, a monthly payment of $2500 and an interest rate of 7%. You get laid off and can’t make your payments.

Some firms can actually get the bank to reduce your loan amount to lets say $150K, reduce the payments to $1200, and your interest rate to 4%. I’ve actually seen a similar scenario happen a couple of times.

These are the 2 main techniques I know of, but I’m sure there are others. The bottom line here is to please understand what you’re paying for.

I’ve heard several stories about people, who have written checks to someone for something, and they don’t know exactly what or why…and then of course, nothing happens. From my military days I’d say this is UNSAT or unsatisfactory.

Hopefully these 2 techniques will clear things up about what’s you’re actually supposed to be paying for.

How to choose a Mortgage Loan Modification Company (Part 3)

Check loan modification companies with the Better Business Bureau.

Whenever you do business with a company that is offering a high ticket item it is always a good idea to check them out with the BBB.

However, this does not guarantee that the company you’re dealing with is going to “do the right thing.”

What most people don’t realize is that the BBB is a fee-based organization, no different than your local chamber of commerce. (I actually applied for a BBB sales position one time – that’s how I know)

While the BBB does expect its members to hold themselves to a higher standard and will punish members who don’t adhere to these standards by allowing consumers to post complaints, they are in no way the “business police.”

If you find a mortgage loan modification company that is listed with the BBB good on them. However, I wouldn’t expect to find this often simply because the industry is so new.

Your best bet is to talk to past clients of the company you’re looking at working with, contact your Secretary of State and/or your state department of Real Estate to ensure there are no complaints lodged against the people you’re looking at working with.

You could really go all out and do background checks online but if you feel you need to go this far your gut is probably telling you not to do business with the slickster you’re working with in the first place.

Trusting your gut, intuition, higher-self, god consciousness, holy spirit etc… is probably the best advice I can give.