Create an Avatar of your Favorite Customers


Often times when meeting with new clients I ask them to describe their target market or perfect client. The answers I get range from “everybody” to small businesses owners on the “North-side” of town. As a business newbie we’ve all said something like this. However, if you ever want to make it to become an “oldie” I’d recommend never repeating it. If you want to be laser focused in your efforts to attract the right clients for your business I’d recommend creating up to 3 Avatars or personalities of your target market and directing your marketing specifically to these individuals.

I’ve known this concept for awhile but recently decided to take it on after hearing a talk by Paul Lemberg  at the Social Profit Formula conference in Phoenix, Arizona nearly a week ago.

In less than one week I have effortlessly attracted 3 perfect prospective clients without even looking for them. Why? Because my intentions were crystal clear about what I was looking for. Additionally, I am now able to share my Avatar with others so they can make the best referrals. Lastly, and best of all I get to save time and energy by not wading through the hordes of individuals who simply aren’t a good fit.

Surprisingly, my perfect Avatar was not at all who I thought it would be. This was very eye-opening and caused me to rethink my marketing efforts. Which as I mentioned has worked like a charm.

Below is what I did to create my Avatar. Follow these steps to create your own.

1. Review the records of the customers you’ve worked with.

2. Make a list of 6-10 that you absolutely enjoyed working with. The clients I’ve enjoyed working with the most were very positive, eager to learn, took action, and best of all they didn’t haggle over pricing because they could afford my services.

3. Create a personal and professional profile for each of these individuals based on the following:


  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Gross Sales
  • How they interact with company
  • How their employees and peers view them
  • Problems they need solved


  • Age
  • Sex
  • weight
  • Race
  • Hobbies
  • Political preferences (even if you don’t agree)
  • Cars they drive
  • Marital status
  • What inspires them
  • What keeps them up at night

4. Find or create a picture of your Avatar.

5. Give him/her a name and personality.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 two more times.

7. Design marketing materials to focus on your 3 Avatars.

8. Share  your Avatar with all who ask you to identify your best customer.

Here is an example of one of my perfect Avatars (If this looks like you or someone you know visit to learn more about how I can help you grow your company with social media and mobile marketing.)