Do You live in a Proactive or Reactive World?



There are worlds within worlds when we consider the consciousness of ones mind or said more simply how one thinks about or views life. Today, I would like to talk about 2 of these worlds or states of mind.

The first world is the world of reactivity and the second is the world of proactivity. The world of reactivity is a world in which we identify with the premise that we are some how at the mercy of life, our culture, our races, society, others, G-d, or life situations. In this state of mind we are afraid of bad things happening to us and we are afraid that when good things happen, the other shoe is always waiting to drop. We actually believe there are good and bad things happening to us as oppose to neural events which we get to assign meaning to.

In the world of reactivity we are judgmental of others, and ourselves; we do not take time to choose thought patterns that that magnify the brilliant image of light were created in. Instead, we allow our minds to be unconsciously filled with thought patterns that may not serve us. These thoughts like all thoughts dictate our beliefs, moods, actions and life. In the reactive state we are only reacting to life as it presents itself to us instead of responding to and creating a world we are worthy of.

The reactive world is a consciousness of fear, lack, limitation and doubt about who we are, our abilities, and the purpose we have chosen for this life. In this consciousness we live for the sake of ourselves alone. There is no room for others because we are always there….reacting

In the world of proactivity we acknowledge and respond to life with gratitude, instead of resisting, shouting NO, blaming G-d or choosing to be angry or disappointed. We welcome life as a gift and look for the glimmer of light present in all people and all situations. We do not wait until painful situations come upon us to change. Instead, we seek out opportunities for growth even if they temporarily make us uncomfortable. We know that this form of work is a privilege and it strengthens the proactive mind.

In the world or proactivity, we see the world as One. It is a playground, a place of excitement, and our desire is to receive for the sake of sharing with others and not for the sake of ourselves alone….. In this state of mind we work with our heads and our hearts. We direct the power of love, passion, excitement, generosity, and authenticity to create a life whose very existence becomes “the cause” instead of an effect in the world.

In the proactive world we choose the life we desire and all of creation bends to the intention of this choice. We take 100% responsibility for all of the roles we play or have played in the world and we are constantly looking for ways to share our essence. The proactive state of mind is abundance. It exists only within the space of belief and certainty. Every time we choose the proactive mind we choose our most authentic self and allow the creative force to be expressed in the purest state.