Social Media Used to Search for Isabel Celis

Isabel Celis

Isabel Celis

Isabel Celis was found missing a week ago when her parents went into her bedroom only to notice their daughter was gone and the screen was missing from the window of their Tucson, Arizona home.

In an effort find Isabel, many citizens and businesses owners posted flyers and told neighbors. Most of these flyers contained information about a $50,000 reward for finding Isa and used QR codes that drove mobile users to a website with information about the young girl.

Tucsonans also used a number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to let others around the world know that Isa was missing. Within hours of the news story, post with pictures of young Isabel went up across the social graph.

In addition to a number of YouTube videos created, as police wound down their search efforts, one group of musicians “The Flight Team” released a music video entitled “Bring Isa Home.” So far the video has been seen more than 22,000 times. View the video below and share it with others.

Isa we miss you and we wait for your return. #BringIsaHome #Tucson

Internet Marketing Trends for Small Business Leaders

I recently spoke to a group of small business leaders in Tucson about internet marketing trends.

What other trends do you feel are important in the ever changing world of internet marketing?

NBA Star, Walter “Mr Accountability” Bond, Speaks to Tucson Business Leaders


Walter Bond spoke to business leaders at the June 2011 Business Clubs of America signature breakfast in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Bond’s talk was uplifting, inspiring, and incredibly funny.

Mr. Bond explained that in order to create results in business, leaders must distinguish themselves by looking like success, being the best in the world at their craft, creating results for clients and giving up common conversations of fear and lack.

Walter also stressed the importance of confidence, “connecting” vs. communicating and exchanging “pity-parties” for results.

YouTube Reality Show Wants Your Natural Cure


There are a number of TV shows like ER & House, and even a few reality shows that celebrate the western medical profession and it’s robust pharmaceutical industry…but what happens when two guys get together to create a reality show about natural cures from around the world? Well, no one knows just yet.

However, this is exactly what David Douglas Stuart, a vidographer and Joel Delaney, an acupuncturist are attempting to find out and; they want to know your natural cures. Through YouTube, they are making a request for people to share their natural and/or alternative remedies so that these remedies can be showcased on their new reality show. The show is designed to give a new face to natural or alternative medicine.

It is well known that Tucson, Arizona is the mecca for Alternative and Integrative wellness practices. What has been called alternative by western medical community has been mainstay in Tucson for years. Tucson boasts of having one of the largest Holistic health care practitioner communities in the U.S.

I recently spoke at an Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition event about how Alternative and Integrative health care professionals can use social media tools like Twitter, and Facebook to grow their practices (view the slides). David and Joel are a perfect example of this can be started at a very grassroots level. I don’t personally know these guys but I do know their Australian cousin who actually shared their video on my Facebook page. You don’t get more grassroots than that.

I look forward to seeing how this project will play out. In the meantime If you’d like to share a natural cure that has worked for you make sure you send them an email at or

If you’re reading this article on Facebook, visit to watch the video.

Happy 5th Anniversary Regional Transportation Authority


For nearly 6 months, I have worked as a Social Media Marketing Consultant for the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) “MainStreet” program. However, while I’m embarrassed to admit it, I didn’t know a great deal about the history of the RTA until yesterday when I attended the 5 year Anniversary celebration at the Tucson Convention Center.

The RTA is responsible for bus service and road construction in the cities and towns of Southern Arizona. Over the last 5 years they have completed more than 400 road construction projects on schedule, employed hundreds if not thousands of southern Arizonans and wield a $2B budget.

“MainStreet” is it a critical program within the RTA. It was actually started to help small business owners in the path of construction survive and even thrive before, during and after construction. This a publicly funded program, is at no cost to business owners (except for the tax dollar they pay) and has a near 98% satisfaction rating from the business owners that take advantage the business, financial, marketing and management consulting services offered.

The most fascinating thing I learned at the Anniversary celebration was that the RTA was started by a small group of citizens that were concerned about the growth and economic development of Southern Arizona. It’s funny how small groups always seem to create the biggest results. Happy 5 year Anniversary RTA and thanks for all you do.

Do you have a Favorite Emergency Phone Book?

Phone books

I know this is a strange topic coming from an online marketer but give me a second here. This weekend I was unable to access the internet for some reason.  I couldn’t seem to find an old billing statement to contact my internet provider so I began to franticly search for a phone book.

That’s right.  I’m a young 30 something and I’m looking for a phone book at 7am like I’m Indiana Jones looking for the Lost Ark.

As I was looking, I realized that I had tossed all of my phone books out when cleaning my office a few weeks ago.  Luckily, the internet decided to work again and a catastrophe was avoided…but what if I couldn’t get the internet going again?

This really made me think.  Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to keep a phone book around for emergencies.  But which one should I keep.  Every year it seems as if 4 or 5 directory services deliver phone books to my door.

How do I know which is best? Dex seems to have the most commercials in my area. I didn’t even know Verizon provides phones service in Tucson but they seem to have a phone book.  Then there’s the Yellowbook and the Yellow Pages…How does one decided?  Do you have a favorite emergency phone book?  If so what it?

Is Customer Feedback Driving Your Marketing?

For the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of the most brilliant interns. I have asked them to work on several assignments and they have done so masterfully. Take a minute read what Andrew Nelson, a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson had to say about his latest assignment.

Last week Michael gave us interns an assignment to look at his company along with a list of products and come up with a presentation describing our perception of the company. I began thinking to myself, “why in the world would a guy that knows everything about his own company ask us college students, who have almost no prior knowledge of these products, to tell him what we think his company is?”

So… during the week I thought about it, then it came to me. Why do golf club companies allow consumers to test out their clubs before releasing them to the rest of the public? It’s simple. They see things that the company’s don’t. Sure the clubs may have some revolutionary new medal but unless it performs in the hands of the consumer then no one’s going buy it.

In the end the consumers are the ones buying the products so why not involve them more directly. My belief is that as creators companies often tend to think our product is better than it truly is. A simple solution to get a more accurate view of your company is to let others look at it. Those who don’t have interest in your company financially, and those who are not afraid to be brutally honest. So sit down and listen. Who knows you may get some million dollar advice.

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Tucson CEOs Named Finalist for Social Media Arizona Award



Tucson, Arizona, August 26, 2010, Two CEO’s from Tucson-based social media marketing companies were named as finalist for the Social Media Arizona Awards.

Xtreme Business International’s Michael Tucker and Finger Candy Media’s Jessica Northey were selected from hundreds of nominees and social media marketing firms throughout Arizona as finalist for the SMAZZIE Awards.

Michael was acknowledged along with 5 other business owners under the “Homegrown Can Of Awesome” category. Businesses in this category represent the most interesting tech savvy start-ups in Arizona. Jessica was recognized as a trailblazer under the “Trailblazer” category. Businesses in this category are using cutting edge ideas to change the way people work or think in the social media space.

The judges will select the winners from a total of five categories tomorrow at the 2010 Social Media Arizona Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Xtreme Business International and Finger Candy media are two of Tucson’s most respected social media marketing firms.

For more information about Xtreme Business International on Finger Candy Media contact: Michael Tucker, 520-327-0168, Michael@ or Jessica Northey 559-349-5933,

Better Employment Solutions Launches in Tucson


Many of you know that Xtreme Business International provides cause-related marketing services and supports business owners in becoming profitable and making a difference.

However, what you may not know is that Xtreme Business International is also a hub for social entrepreneur leadership training, advocacy, and the development of innovative social enterprises.

Our goal is to launch one new social enterprise each year. This year many of you benefited from our marketing services or participated in our Tucson Social Media Lab, where we provided affordable social media training to more that 300 micro-business owners in Tucson in order to help them more successfully compete with larger firms and the have greater access to local, nationwide and even international markets.

As we cross the half way point in the year, I’m very proud to say that we have co-founded and launched our second social enterprise, The goal of Better Employment Solutions is to provide job seekers with an online personal branding solution that will strengthen their online image and help speed up the job search process.

We will begin hosting training sessions to educate job seekers on how they can use our system to develop an online presence that outshines the competition, proves they are the leader their future employer is looking for, and helps reduce the job search time-frame.

We have already launched in Phoenix with huge success! Our clients absolutely love our concept and we are hosting Employee Branding Events 4 times a day!

Our model consist of a FREE video resume site, world-class social media training, and the search engine optimization needed through our
site to ensure your online brand makes a powerful statement to your future employer.

Best of all, all of our training is FREE because we have corporate sponsors that pay us to provide this service. To learn more visit

Happy Social Media Day Tucson


Today is Social Media Day all around the world and nearly 600 international cities will be hosting social media get-togethers to encourage people to get to know the people they are” friends” with via their social networking sites.

This event is being promoted by and Mashable is a major blog that provides information to people in the social media community and is a social media site that encourages local groups to “meetup” and get to know each other.

In Tucson, Arizona we will be hosting our first ever social media day meetup at club congress today at 4pm.

This event is sponsored by a number or organizations to include, CTG, Tucson Young Professionals, Xtreme Business International, Tucson Social Media Lab and Chik-fil-A El Con.

There we’ll be lots of prizes and some great networking opportunities. I look forward to seeing you there.