Why Customers Don’t Care about Your “Customer Service”


Based on this law, it is my firm belief that all failure in business stems from not delivering enough service to enough of the right people. As small business leaders it is easy to get caught up in goal setting, financial projections, creating the right sales pitch, finding the fastest path to get out of debt or become a billion dollar company and completely lose sight of the fact that a healthy business is one that truly renders service to mankind.

While focusing on strategic areas of our business is important, we must make a point not miss the big picture.

Assisting other people just like us to solve their problems is what service is really all about. This act is the derivative of all true wealth.

Unfortunately, the word “service” has become “too commercial,” and is often used in a sterile manner to describe how we will “manage” the people that “get lucky enough” to buy from us.

Guess what! Customers don’t care about your “Customer Service,” and no one wants to be managed or “handled.”

People that desire our assistance want to be treated with kindness, respect, human dignity, and yes, they also expect us to deliver on the promise of our company.

For years motivational and personal development speakers have been telling entrepreneurs and wealth seekers to visualize what one desires, write it down, do the work and your dreams will come true. Don’t get me wrong, this can work…but only to a small degree if all of the things you visualize are for yourself.

How many times have you stopped to genuinely ask yourself the question “how can I render more service to more people.” What processes would you have in place? How would you feel if today your company sold 1000 times more of your current product than you did all last year? Would you feel good about it or would you feel ashamed because what you currently offer has limited value or is poor quality? What support systems would you need established to deliver the best product and truly serve the most people at a fair price?

If you’re already rendering this level of service, great. Please share your experience. If this concept is new to you I’d love to hear your comments.

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